For most visitors to your home, the entryway is their first impression of your home decor style and aesthetic. In my house, I like my entryway to be inviting and bright and give guests something beautiful to feast their eyes upon! My entryway is the one constant spot that gets a decor update with every changing season, and Fall just happens to be my favorite season for entryway decor.

But where do you start when you transition your entryway decor to Fall? I recommend the following pieces to make sure to use when styling for Fall:

  • pumpkins, LOTS of pumpkins
  • stems (cotton, leaves, fall florals, etc.) 
  • signs
  • baskets

The above pieces will give you a great foundation for styling your entryway and help make your home seem incredibly inviting.

Now let’s get into my biggest tips on how to style your entryway for Fall.

1.) Gather all of your Fall decor.
In addition to the items mentioned above, I recommend you gather any and all Fall decor pieces that you have and put them all in one place (I use the floor right by my front door). That way, you can see everything and determine which pieces go together best. By putting everything together and choosing from the pile, this will hopefully help you get out of the “same old, same old” mindset. Challenge yourself to group different items together this year than you have in previous years.

2.) Come up with a color palette.
I’m sure we all have lots of different colors to use when decorating for Fall. I prefer to assign different color palettes to different rooms or spaces in my house. This gives each particular space a cohesive and intentional feel instead of feeling like you just threw any and all Fall decor pieces on a table. I decided to go with a neutral color palette of whites and browns with some pops of color for my entryway.

3.) Use timeless pieces in your Fall décor.
A table, a mirror, and a lamp are timeless and necessary pieces for entryway styling. Don’t feel like you have to get rid of these items just because you are decorating for Fall. Timeless pieces mixed with seasonal décor help your entryway feel functional yet inviting. Another timeless piece I use often is a white vase. This can be styled to fit any season or holiday by switching out different stems or florals.

4.) Don’t feel like your entryway has to be perfectly symmetrical.
If you like symmetry, by all means, decorate how you like. But don’t feel like everything needs to be symmetrical. You can have a tall lamp on one side of a table and a shorter vase on the other. Or you can have several pieces of decor on one side and just a single piece on the other. The most important thing to remember is to decorate how YOU like it. 

5.) If you feel stuck, walk away for a few minutes.
Often I will get one section of my entryway table exactly how I want it, but then get stuck with what else to add. This is when I take a little break and walk away. I allow my brain time to focus on something else and then come back to see if looking at it with fresh eyes will spark a new idea.

Now take these tips and get started on decorating your entryway for Fall. And remember, home décor can constantly change. If you decide in a couple of days that you have another idea and want to change something up, feel free. Home décor is about your personality and expression and you should feel happy when you look at your décor.

Happy styling!
XOXO, Lindsay (Pursuit of Pink Blog)

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