Chances are your living space has been multitasking as hard as you have. Here are some ways to refresh and enjoy your home again.

If you have been staring at the same walls since March, it’s probably time for a makeover. Perhaps your bedroom is not an ideal home office after all. Maybe you need to move the kids out of the kitchen and into a proper homeschooling space.

Your rooms have had to assume multiple personalities over the past months, and it might be time to sort them out. Try viewing your space with fresh eyes and summon up some optimism. Change is healthy.

Designers say multifunctional spaces are trending this fall, with good reason. Jump on the bandwagon and give your space and spirits a lift by putting things together in a new way.

First, rid yourself of the unnecessary

In other words, declutter. There are many ways to approach decluttering, but the result should be the same: a space free of excess. A streamlined space is easier to maintain, more pleasing to look at, and less stressful to occupy.

Commit to making decluttering your first step in sprucing up your living space, and everything that follows will be easier.

Next, have a strategy

To get the most functionality out of your existing space, consider the “highest and best use” guideline. How can you get the most out of each room or living area?

  • What kind of space does each member of your family need for your home to run smoothly?
  • What are your highest traffic areas, and where could someone go for some peace and quiet? Who needs that the most?

Make your furniture and décor multitask too

The market has responded to our lockdown needs, and a huge assortment of hardworking furniture is now available to meet almost every one of them. Choosing the right furniture and décor can streamline your space and add functionality with minimal effort. Consider these options:

  • If your guest room is now your full-time office, a Murphy bed can give you the extra space and flexibility you need.

  • Wall-mounted tables or desks that can be hidden instantly can be a good choice for a temporary workspace in your living room.

  • Screens or open bookshelves work well to divide space and offer some privacy.

  • Use baskets, crates, shelves, trays, and decorative boxes to corral all that stuff that would normally be at work or school.

Make all your space work for you

Without buying new furniture, you can freshen things up by using your existing space in new ways. Look for opportunities to add storage or workspaces, such as under the stairs, by windows, or even in an attic, basement, or garage.

Do you have high ceilings? Think about converting some of that height into loft space.

Don’t forget to incorporate design principles

When giving your home a makeover, be sure to focus on flexibility and comfort, but don’t neglect design. Strive for balance and harmony in your space. Sometimes adding new textiles – throws, pillows, or area rugs – can give a room a whole new look. Switching up your wall art can help as well.

Color is a powerful tool. A fresh coat of paint can brighten a room, draw separate spaces together, and set other areas apart by function.

Falling back in love with a space that has grown overly familiar and more than a bit tired is a challenge. But you can make it a fun distraction from the pressing matters of everyday life.

Decocrated can help you fall back in love with the space you’re in

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