Don’t you just love the evergreen wall art from the Winter 2021 Box? I sure do! As soon as I saw it I knew exactly where I was going to display this beautiful piece of artwork...on my Christmas mantel in my family room.  However, I thought it would look a little washed out, set against my white brick wall, so I wracked my brain until I came up with this super easy, temporary, deco-hack - adding a colored background. I’ve put together step-by-step instructions below so you can try it yourself!


  • Evergreen wall art from the Decocrated Winter 2021 Box
  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Box cutter/scissors
  • Packing tape or hot glue/glue gun


 First, you’ll want to decide on a color for your background. Think about the color scheme you use in your holiday decor. I chose pink to tie in with some of my new boho holiday decor I have started to work into my collection.

Place the evergreen wall decor on top of the cardboard and measure out your background, leaving about an extra two inches of space on each side to make it easier for cutting down at the end.Cut out this piece of cardboard and paint it the color of your choice. I did three coats waiting about 15 minutes between each.


Once dry, place the evergreen wall art over the painted cardboard and use a box cutter (or scissors) to cut it down to the exact size of the wall art (or even a tiny bit smaller on each side). 

Use tape to secure the cardboard to the back of the wall art. For a more permanent hack, you can use hot glue. 

And there you have it; an evergreen wall print with a colored background. Don’t you just love how this holiday sign turned out?! When Christmas is over I will remove the background and hang it in another room in my house (maybe the dining room?). 

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