Styling a Spooky Halloween Mantel

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor

Hi there! It’s Morgan from @the_patientmom and I don’t know about you but I find it hard to believe that spooky season is already upon us! At my house, that means we are boxing up most of the fall decor and busting out the ghosts, witch hats, and skeletons (the pumpkins will stay, of course).

One of my favorite areas to decorate for Halloween is my hearth and mantel. I like a mixture of whimsical and traditional Halloween with comfy/cozy undertones. Thanks to Decocrated’s 2022 Halloween add-on box, my family room is looking more festive than ever. Follow along below as I walk you through how to style your own Halloween mantel!

Mantel Banner/Garland

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor, Halloween Banner

I absolutely cannot have a festive holiday mantel without a good banner or garland. Actually, the only time of the year I do not have one is when I have my “regular” (AKA non-holiday/seasonal) decor on my mantel, which is basically between Easter and Memorial Day 🤣. So you can guess that I was ecstatic to find this adorable Trick-or-Treat fall bunting sign out of the 2022 Halloween Box. I secured it to my mantel using some command hooks.


Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor, Halloween Centerpiece

I find that placing a “centerpiece” (a large piece, mine is usually a phrase like “BOO” for Halloween, LOVE for Valentine’s Day, PEACE for 4th of July, etc.) on the bare mantel first makes filling in the remaining space easier. I love this whimsical wooden BOO sign, it even has hinges to add some depth and I can fold it up for easy storage.

End Caps

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor

Next, I add tall pieces of themed decor to each end of the mantel. This is important to me because they cover up those command hooks I mentioned earlier and since this space is to the side of my TV they are really the only spots I can add something tall in order to give it some varying height.

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor

On the left side, I have placed the “Enter If You Dare”  tombstone from the 2021 Halloween Box.

On the right side is a mercury glass mason jar holding the cutest Halloween wands I made myself last year using felt, ribbon, and sequins!

Fill in Empty Space

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor

Now that the middle and the ends are decorated, it’s time to fill in the empty space with all of your cute little Halloween signs, figures, and knickknacks (I don’t think I’ve ever used the word knickknack before). I’ve filled in the rest of my mantel with the following:

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor

Hearth Decor

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor

This year I’ve decided to cozy it up and add some warmth and decor to my hearth (hopefully my kids leave it alone). I’ve added the orange pillow covers from the 2022 Halloween Box and the black spiderweb lumbar pillow cover from the 2021 Halloween Box.

Halloween Mantel Decor, Halloween Decor

I then placed the wooden tray from the Winter 2019 Decocrated Box on the hearth next to the pillows and added the Wooden Frame from the Spring 2021 Box to which I have clipped the haunted house art print from the 2022 Halloween Box. I’ve also added the double-sided tabletop sign from the Fall 2022 box, some decorative pumpkins, and a felt ball garland.

I think the space still needs a throw blanket of some kind, but I have yet to find a Halloween blanket that isn’t tacky so I will call this complete for now. What do you think?! Is there anything you would add or switch up?

Now to spookify the rest of the house!

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