Download This! - Valentine's Day Refresh

Welcome to another edition of "Download This!" This season we bring you two very different styles to refresh the seasonal banner we sent out in the Winter box. If you didn't get the Winter box, no worries you can make your own banner at home.

What you need:

Twine: 5 ft (60 inches) per banner Mini clothespins: 8-13

Style 1: Love in Patterns

Downloadable content Love in Patterns:A modern love story as told through shapes and patterns.
Think of this banner as a modern take on love. This banner isn't all gushy and in your face with its love. Instead, it has a touch of fun and romance but with the clear message of "I am my own woman and I will celebrate how I want, without labels." The playful patterns allow for an abstract declaration of devotion all the while maintaining a feminine flair. Now, if Valentine's Day isn't your thang, this is also a great "year-round" banner for any kids room. We LOVE to create decor that is versatile and can fit many different styles and personalities. We think this banner really fits that bill.?

Style 2 - Just "Be Mine" Banner

"Be Mine" Banner: A declaration of exclusivity.

This banner is all about labels and it isn't afraid to ask you for one. With a stylish font and subtle polka dot background, this banner is all about that simple ❤️love. Now, we know that love is anything but simple but they say that if you put it out there, the universe will respond. Hope you loved our latest installment of Download This! Please show us some love and share how you #decocrated by tagging us on Instagram (you follow us right!? ?) or Facebook and don't forget to use the? #iDecocrated when you do. Until next time, Your Decocrated Team