DOWNLOAD THIS! | 4th of July

Welcome to the Summer edition of Download This! Today we are sprucing up our Winter garland and clip frame with these 4th of July downloadable prints. Share your love of freedom and decor by adding some patriotic flair to your home this season. Let's get started...

What you need:

  • Frame (we use our free clip frame gift that comes with subscription)
  • Twine: 5 ft (60 inches) per banner
  • Mini clothespins: 8-13

First up, The Art Print

Download link: DECOCRATED Happy 4th of July Print

Baby, you're a firework! Come on and let your art print show... See what I did there? 🤪Display this patriotic art print on your clip frame. Whats a clip frame? Well, it's the free gift that you receive when you sign up for the "GREATEST" home decor box ever, Decocrated. If you haven't signed up, we aren't too mad at ya, but you can display this on any 4 x 6 frame. It won't look as cute, but it shall serve its purpose.

Next up, The Banner

Download link: DECOCRATED Happy 4th of July Banner

Now, this is a proud display of all things red and blue! Hang up this banner during your 4th of July BBQ and show off your sense of USA pride and style. The best part? You don't have to go to Party City (or any party store) to get it. Just download, cut, and display. Easy-peasy 😎

Thanks for popping in for the latest installment of "Download this." Stay tuned, we will have some fun Summer and Back to School art prints banners for you soon. If you haven't signed up for our Summer box, do it soon. Use the code FREEDOM to help you save 25% on your 1st Decocrated box$ We focused on entertaining during the Summer season and it is a great addition to your home decor collection. Check it out here. Ta-ta for now, The Decocrated Team