Happy Valentine's Day!

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love holidays because they give me an excuse to mix up my home decor. It keeps it fresh and interesting!

Doing DIY projects is not only cost-effective but very fun. My number one tip is to repurpose items you already have. For this craft, I decided to make a DIY mini garland for my Fall 2021 mini ladder from Decocrated. By itself it's cute but it could use a little something, wouldn't you agree?


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The Old Made New

When you start a DIY project, it's always smart to look through what you already have. Last year I made Valentine's Day garland out of white yarn and heart stickers that I got from the dollar store. It held up in storage pretty well, so I decided to experiment and see how they would look on the ladder. Honestly, I absolutely loved both of these options, but I wanted to make something new and fresh!

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Let's Get Crafty!

First things first, assemble your supplies. For this project, I foraged through my old crafting supplies to find some things I might already have on hand. I had some cute ribbons and raffia. I also had white paint and contemplated painting the ladder, but ultimately decided to leave it so I could use it year-round. I wasn't completely satisfied or inspired, so I went to the dollar store and picked up some paper and burlap hearts that were similar in size. Heart shapes are the perfect touch to add to any DIY valentine's decoration, but you can also add pink pom poms, red roses, or ribbon.

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For this mini heart garland, I mapped out how many hearts would fit and measured out the raffia and thread that came with the paper hearts. I used an oversized needle to thread the two through the hearts to make my garland. I also picked up these chalkboard hearts and thought it would be whimsical to add "I heart U".


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The End Result

I think it turned out pretty cute! The hearts were bigger than I realized in the store, but I really liked the layered look and didn't want to accidentally mess up their shape by cutting them down. Getting crafty and creative with your home decor is all about experimenting and trying new and different things. This garland fits perfectly with my Valentine decor this year and I love having items that can be used over and over again in different places around my home.

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