Hi! Your pink-loving, DIY fanatic Morgan from The Patient Mom blog is back with a Valentine’s Day craft I just know you are going to love.

This DIY Valentine’s Day wreath is a little bit boho and a little bit romantic; which makes it the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day decor. Follow the directions below to create your own adorable wreath with only a few supplies!


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Wrap the yarn around the foam wreath form until it is completely covered. You can tuck the end of the yarn under some of the wrapped wreath to secure it. 


Wrapped wreath, deco mesh wreaths, cute wreaths, burlap wreath

Covering the wreath form helps to secure the bunny tails and allows you to not have to completely cover all sides! Once you do that you, should have a cute yarn wreath form that is full of pink!


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Gather the bunny tails into a small bunch. The packages I ordered were all from the same vendor but came in slightly different colors. I actually loved this because it created a sort of ombre effect. So I made sure to include the various shades in each bunch.


valentine wreath, diy valentine's, wreaths

Lay the bunch on what will be the front of the wreath. Adjust them so they cover the width of the wreath and hang over just a touch on the inside. Fasten the stems to the wreath using either a hot glue gun or by wrapping additional yarn around the wreath and over the stems (tight). I actually did a combination of both throughout.


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Trim off the ends of the stems.

Put together another small bunch and secure them just below the first bunch, but with the bunny tails slightly overlapping and filling in the empty space in between.


cute craft, diy valentine's, yarn wreath, flowers, simple wreath

Repeat this process until nearly all of the wreath front is covered, leaving an empty space of about 4 inches to add a bow.


 flowers, bunny tails, wreath form, heart wreath form

Look over your wreath for empty spaces or spaces that need adjusting, Fix or fill them using hot glue and additional bunny tails.


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Cut a piece of the chunky yarn and pink ribbon the same length. You could also use red ribbon or even burlap if you have more of a farmhouse vibe in your home. I cut mine about 3 feet long. Holding them together, tie it around the empty space in a large, sort of droopy bow. Trim the ends so they are even in length.


finished product, valentine wreath, front door, wood hearts, heart shape, burlap wreath

Your wreath should now be ready to display. Here is my finished product! You can get creative with your Valentine's day wreaths and add pom poms or foam hearts. You can hang your own wreath on your front door or your mantel. Me? I plan to hang it on the inside of my front door. I promise you are going to get tons of compliments about this gorgeous wreath!

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