Hi there, Morgan here from The Patient Mom blog! Don’t you just love the glass vase from the Spring 2022 Box? It’s such a classic and beautiful piece. I usually display it in my kitchen with the faux lamb’s ear stems.

Memorial day decor, decorating for memorial day, memorial day

However, we all know how much I love to decorate for the holidays so that got me thinking about how I might use this vase in my holiday decor? After some playing around with burlap and flags, I came up with the below vase hack that is perfect for Memorial Day! The best part?! You can un-hack it after the holiday! Instructions are below to hack your own.


  • Glass vase
  • Red burlap ribbon
  • White chunky yarn
  • American flags
  • Patriotic pinwheels


red ribbon, red burlap, ribbon , burlap ribbon

Cut a piece of red burlap ribbon long enough to wrap around the mouth of the vase and cover the twine.

Cut red burlap ribbon, cut strip of ribbon

I folded mine in half (the hot dog way) to make it thinner. Glue the ends of the ribbon together so they stay around the vase but do not stick to the vase. That is important if you wish to un-hack later.

Wrap ribbon around top of vase, ribbon wrapped,

Cut another piece of burlap ribbon and tie in a cute bow.

Cut burlap bow ribbon, red bow, make a bow out of ribbon

Glue the bow around the mouth of the face where you just secured the other red ribbon.

glue bow to ribbon around vase, bow put on glass vase

Fill the vase with chunky white yarn this will help to hold your flags and pinwheels in place.

Filling vase with white yarn, fill vase with chunky white yarn, hand placing white yarn in vase

Insert flags into the vase. I used four flags.

Placing american flags into vase, place mini American flags into vase

Now, add the pinwheels to make the vase look full.

American flag pinwheels, place American flag pinwheels in vase, red white and blue pinwheels

Memorial day vase styled, memorial day vase on table, memorial day vase next to calendar and blue sign

And now you have a super cute memorial day themed vase that would be perfect on a shelf on a mantle or even as a centerpiece on a table.

Memorial day entryway, memorial day decor, decorating for memorial day, remembering our soldiers

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Memorial day decor, memorial day entryway. memorial day front door decor

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