Your Spring box has arrived, and we are days away from officially entering Spring. Before we do, let us talk about that one empty wall you just cannot figure out what to do with. Decocrated has the answer for you.

There is one Pinterest trend that just screams Spring: DIY flower wall. This stylish wall décor works beyond Spring by utilizing transitional colors, such as green, blue, and rose. We have provided you multiple variations of the DIY flower wall based on your budget.

Low Budget: Round Mirror + Single Stem Faux Florals

The most popular variation of the DIY flower wall is using single stem flowers to surround a focal point, like a modern round mirror. For Decocrated’s take on the Instagram-worthy trend, we are selecting the members-only shop Priscilla Metal Mirror as the focal point. We chose this mirror to show how big of a difference the single stem flowers makes when it comes to style. The Priscilla Metal Mirror is very coastal, so we avoided seaside colors like blue, to make the flower wall more versatile and transitional. Next, we gathered a bunch of beige and rose-colored flowers. Remember this is a low budget variation, therefore masking tape is used to secure the flowers to the wall. This also makes sure no damage is done to the walls.

To fill in the additional space towards the bottom, we rolled in a gold bar cart and added all the goods: wine glasses, wine bottles, vase, the members-only shop Tulum Rattan Baskets filled with plants, and the Summer 2019 coasters.

High Budget: Grass + Terrarium Focal Point

It is time to pick up your blue and yellow bags. We are heading to IKEA for this medium to high budget hack! If you are the type of person that does not like the full maze, go straight to the downstair market and take the shortcut to the plant section. We are going to pick up multiple pieces of the FEJKA artificial wall plant.

Before going crazy and grabbing every square you can, decide how much of your wall you want to cover. To compliment the red brick walls, we have in the Decocrated studio, we are only going to purchase 9. Once you head home and attempt to patiently attach all the pieces of the artificial wall plant together, hang it up like you would do for any wall art.

Now all you are missing is a focal point! That is when you pull out the Decocrated Spring 2021 box. Including the clip frame or set of 2 framed art will tie the greenery in with the rest of your existing décor.

Want to recreate this clip frame Hack ‘Em All? Follow along here: 

No Budget Here: Metal Flower Wall

Rounding off our DIY flower wall guide is this no budget variation with metal wall art. All your needs to complete this accent wall is in our members-only shop and for the entire month of March we are hosting an International Women’s History BOGO 20% off event.


We picked out the following shop items in those transitional colors we talked about earlier to fill out the empty wall above the living room sofa:

  • 1 horizontal long wall art: Sydney Floral Bunch Wall Art
  • 1 set of 3: Set of 3 Charming Flowers Metal Wall Decor
  • 1 set of 2: Metal Blue and White Flower and Wood Frame
  •  2 single wall flowers:  Blue Ombre Flower Wall Décor and Blooming White Flower Wall Art

Before screwing a bunch of hooks into the walls, make sure you figure out placement on a flat surface. The floor will do! Once you have figured out a display you are happy with, you can start affixing your members-only shop florals to the wall.

Here is our final product. Doesn’t it complement the Spring and Easter 2021 box pillows so beautifully?

When you are finally done staring at that bland wall, tap into your DIY gene and start decocrating. Mastering the art of the DIY flower wall with your budget of your choice, can also be a simple ask of our #DecoHackers. Check out this positive and creative Facebook community here: