Freshen up your interiors with a throwback to the curvaceous fun looks of the ’60s and ’70s

Groovy, baby! What better way to celebrate the change of seasons than to liven up your living spaces with some Austin Powers-worthy décor? Curvy shapes can add interest and soften hard edges, blending style with comfort in a retro-meets-modern way.

This year, curves are definitely having a moment, in wall and window treatments, furniture, and accessories. Designers love curves because they can fill awkward spaces with eye-catching beauty and enhance the flow of a room. They also know that just like mirrors, curves have a magical ability to make tight spaces appear more expansive.

Our brains are hard-wired to appreciate curvy shapes; it’s been proven for both men and women. You will be impressing your guests subconsciously when you show them your curvy décor. If you’re ready to use curvy elements to update your rooms and give them a swinging style, here are some pro suggestions and guidelines to inspire you. Remember: In 2020, rounded is the new right angle.

Bold is good

Adding the glamour of curves to your rooms does not have to be difficult, life-changing, or all-encompassing.

Design Shows Its Softer and Curvier Side This Fall

For most of us, bold means mixing up our furniture arrangements or repainting. If you are in the market for a new sofa, consider choosing one with a curvy rather than a boxy silhouette. If a new headboard is on your list, look for one that’s a bit more interesting than your standard rectangle – perhaps one that’s rounded or asymmetrical.

Design Shows Its Softer and Curvier Side This Fall

A kidney-shaped dining room table may not be for everyone, but occasional tables in rounded shapes can have a lot of impact, especially if they come in sets. You could choose a blank wall to experiment with making a bold statement by adding large-scale art with dramatic curved shapes, or wallpaper with a rounded pattern.

But subtle works for everyone

If you’re more apt to opt for subtler changes, stick with accessories. You can add curves with round patterns on pillows, oval trays, and rounded candleholders. Try adding some curves to your entryway with an arched mirror.

 Design Shows Its Softer and Curvier Side This Fall

There are plenty of curvy ways to deck your walls. Choose an oversized round basket, or three, for an interesting focal point in a kitchen or dining room. Wall art featuring plate-like shapes or rings work well, too.

Design Shows Its Softer and Curvier Side This Fall

A favorite word or expression in a fancy scripted typeface can add a soft accent to a living room, office, or even laundry room.

 Design Shows Its Softer and Curvier Side This Fall

And don’t forget your floors. Floor coverings with curved color-blocked patterns and contoured or round rugs can offer a welcome visual break from sharp corners and straight lines.

Don’t be square

Curved décor can introduce a relaxed, cozy feeling into a room, and a fun, retro vibe. Look around your home: do you see plenty of hard angles in need of softening, or flat walls calling out for something interesting? Add some curves, and you’ll get an instant style boost.

As with most design elements, the trick with decorating with curves is balance. Feel free to mix and match curvaceous metals and experiment with introducing curvy wood accents. Adding an element of surprise will make your home uniquely yours.

Decocrated has some curves to show off

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