I’m blue. Nope, not sad…just obsessed with decorating with blue!! This season one of the biggest trends I’m seeing is blue-toned decor! Decocrated does a great job getting trendy items into our hands. This Spring 2022 Box is no exception - so many beautiful, on-trend BLUE accents! 

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What I love about blue is that if done right, it can act as a neutral. I think most people would consider navy a neutral. So if you’re looking for a baby step into adding blue into your decor - start with navy. One Decocrated piece that I’m obsessed with and is perfect for this transition into trying blue, is the moon mirror from Fall 2021. I’m obsessed (did I say that already??) with this perfectly chic mirror. The visual interest is perfect + it’s super functional…duh, it’s a mirror!! I hung this in my entryway because I love being able to take a peek at myself before I head out the door. I also love that it introduces blue into my decor pallet right off the bat when entering my house.  

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Another good way to try incorporating blue into your decor is with throw pillows! This is a quick and impactful way to try a trendy color or fun print! Again, Decocrated was right on trend with this idea! I have several throw pillows from my past seasonal boxes in beautiful blue tones! Here I’m showing both the blue pillows from the Spring 2020 box in my bedroom and the adorable lumbar-sized pillow cover that was included in the 2022 Easter Box in my living room. It’s subtle but has blue dashed stripes on it. A perfect pop of blue you can add to your home in any spot! 

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Lastly, I love adding a pop of blue to my decor with the Spring 2022 Box dusty, light blue beads. Here I added them under my gallery wall with another favorite blue candle from Glassybaby. These two hues of blue accents together are beautiful and impactful! They bring such a calm to the space - I love how blues have that effect! 

 Spring colors, blue colors, shades of blue, blue hues, blue rooms, blue shades


What do you think? Do you already decorate with blues or are you a little scared to try? We think blue hues are the perfect addition to your spring color palette and would love to see how you incorporate them into your own home! Share below!





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