Eclectic Wallpaper: The Guide

You haven't taken a home décor risk until you've given eclectic wallpaper a try. 2021 is all about making your home exciting and stylish and eclectic wallpaper could do the trick. But, there's something about this wallpaper that scares the everyday home décor enthusiast. I'll let you in on a secret though, there's nothing to be afraid of!

Incorporating bold wallpaper in your home isn't just exciting but it's also simple. Remember to keep B.A.P. in mind: benefits, aesthetic and print. Eclectic wallpaper is beautiful and eye-catching but also extends the long-term durability of your walls. The true hurdle is finding a print that works for your home and style. Nevertheless, there is a print for everyone.

Farmhouse meets Azulejos.

There is something about farmhouse interior design that feels refreshing and comforting but can also lack a bit of excitement. For those Joanna Gaines fans out there: rely on your simple wallpapers with pops of color. If wallpaper isn't your thing, consider backsplashes and prints that can be added to hidden spaces for the perfect b balance of razzle dazzle. If you're looking for a place to start, consider the fast-growing trend of Azulejos. Azulejos is  the iconic blue & white Portuguese-influenced print that conjures up beachside vibes. Also worth noting that it is tile-friendly and looks heavenly next to wood.


Boho meets Botanicals.  

When you think boho, first thing to come to mind is: plants on plants on plants. Shouldn’t that apply to walls too? Bohemian décor is the most wallpaper-friendly style out there due to its rule-breaking nature and casual feel. Botanical prints mix perfectly with other typical boho accents, such as organic materials, bold colors, and gold trims. 

Take notes from The Pink Envelope’s newly renovated kids' bathroom. She paired her colorful cacti wallpaper with simple bathroom decorations, such as the Summer 2020 succulent and refreshing bathroom candles.


Photo Cred: The Pink Envelope

Did I mention that boho is all about breaking the rules? Level up your wallpaper game, like Bari J, by placing it on the ceiling! The transformation is groundbreaking, but still maintains a laid-back vibe.

BariJ Designs

Photo Cred: BariJ Designs

Modern meets Geometric.

Clean lines, simple design, and monochrome colors… sounds like sophisticated modern décor to me. But, when a straightforward interior is not cutting it for you, bring in the geometric wallpaper for a contemporary feel.  

Photo cred: Michelle Alexander Designs

The abstract patterns and contrasting colors appeal to many elements of a modern home: open space, industrial accents, and big windows. Check out how these Decorated influencers incorporated geometric wallpaper into their modern homes! 

Photo cred: Ms Mary Style

Now for the hard part...

The tedious task of placing wallpaper is the ultimate struggle, but completely worth it for the B.A.P. Once you have your eclectic wallpaper and the correct materials, take these tips into consideration for an easy installation process:

  • Order more paper than you think you will need.
  • Make sure to remove any nails, hooks, and screws before getting started.
  • Start with a wall that has no outlets, switches, or other anti-wallpaper appliances. 
  • Apply primer to the walls to prevent shrinking. 
  • Do not drown your wallpaper in paste! Roll it on. 
  • Avoid air bubbles by smoothing out the paper gently with a cloth when installing.
  • Use a box cutter to get a clean, even cut when removing excess paper and installing wallpaper in the corners. 
  • Wipe off that sticky paste residue with sponges as you go.

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