Open Call for Blank Walls

Do you have a large blank wall in your home and just can’t figure out how to make it your own? With so many ideas out there, we are here to help you figure out what is best for you and the house you are making into your home. Styling and decorating these spaces can be challenging but not anymore! DecoCrated is an at home subscription box that arrives quarterly to help you decorate like a pro. This box is unlike any other in the way that 6-8 seasonally inspired home décor pieces delivered 4x per year directly to your home. Each piece is curated to have your home be the most up to date in trends as well as to help your creative decorating juices flowing and have you saying, “I did that!”

Whether you own your own home or need a renter-friendly solution for decorating, Decocrated is here to help you figure out that daunting blank space. We all want to love the space we are dwelling in and to have others enjoy their visit as well. This at-home subscription box helps make styling your home fun. You don’t have to head to your local home décor store and wonder if something will look right and you don’t have to guess what is right for the season we are in. Once your box arrives, you have insider tips on styling as well as inspiration on how to use the items sent to you.

How to Conquer that Blank Space

Here are some simple steps for you to follow to determine what would be the best use of that blank space in your home. First, we need to identify the blank space, not for what it is lacking but rather for what you want it to be. Is the space meant to be functional, interactive, or just decorative? Once you have figured out what exactly you want out of this blank space you can move forward into creating a space you love. No matter what, we all want our homes to be a place that reflects our personal style; naturally, that’s our second step. Don’t focus on what everyone else is doing, after all your home is a place that should bring you joy, try looking at colors, textures and anything that makes you happy. You plan out your space according to how permanent you want or need the space to be. Consider floating shelves or on the flip side, bookcases that can easily be removed to fill an unused space. Another idea for blank spaces would be to create an optical illusion to make a space seem more interesting and useable. The easiest way to create an illusion is through paint. What’s so great about this option is that paint comes in all kinds of colors and is easily covered if you change your mind. The last step in your blank wall overhaul, is to make it your own.

About the Author:

Kristen Johnson of A Girl and Her glitter is taking her massive entry way and combining the floating shelf idea with the optical illusion through paint. Taking this large white wall and taping off an oversized shape she used the existing color palette in her home to make a cohesive look that would be the first thing you see when you walk into her home.  Building these shelves and attaching them into the existing studs of her home is one option but for a renter friendly option you could still paint or use removable vinyl wallpaper with free standing shelves. Once the shelves and paint were complete, it was time to make the space her very own. To get ideas and make some existing items in her house new again she “shopped her home.” Kristen gathered items that would bring interest in the space through texture, sheen and meaningful to display. Shopping your home can only take you so far and that’s where DecoCrated arrived on her door step and just in time!