There is nothing like sitting down in a nice comfortable chair and diving into a good book! Most book lovers can find just about anywhere to sit and call it a reading nook, but why not create a dedicated space just for your literary indulgence? Well, that’s exactly what I did with this space.

When I first received my Decocrated 2021 Summer box, I was immediately drawn to the double-sided lumbar pillow cover. I love the lemon, floral, and bee pattern on one side of the pillow, but the blue boho pattern on the other side of the pillow is perfect for pairing with just about any other pillow type.

When you think about reading nooks, you think about coziness and comfort. So, I chose to pair the lumbar pillow with a fun, oversized and super comfortable fuzzy pillow. I then draped the chair with a complementary throw, for extra snuggability and for the option of snoozing.

The key element of any good reading nook is, of course, an area to store your books. I chose a compact but ample bookshelf which allows me to keep all of my favorite books at arm’s reach and also to display some of my fun inspirational signage. I am a daily affirmations girl, so it was really important to incorporate some of my favorite quotes into the space.

I intentionally styled the bookshelf with meaningful décor items. I added a world globe to remind myself that the world is finally opening back up and my family and I will be able to travel again soon! The woven basket was a great way to display my one and only living house plant...I don’t have a green thumb, that’s for sure. The wood arch was a no-brainer and it added a layered look in front of the quote art. Lastly, the table clock serves dual purposes, it reminds me of when it’s time to put the book down and it’s also a perfect book end. 

The reading nook is a small space in my home, but it gives me massive enjoyment! I hope I’ve provided you with some useful ideas about how to decorate your reading nook.

xoxo, Doris (Doris Roberts Interiors) 

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