Enhance your space with versatile, practical pieces that keep performing all year long

When a home décor item adds beauty to a living space while also serving a useful purpose, you've got a keeper. Now, If you've got an item that is versatile in more than one way, it's time to stock up!

What types of home décor items are versatile in many ways? Ones that are reversible and two-sided and these are the types of items you truly want to get creative with. With a little bit of imagination and help from your Deco team, you can make these items work in your home season to season.

In order to find the best home décor for your living space is much like building your own wardrobe. First things first, start with high-quality foundational pieces and add flair like a new color. Don't underestimate the impact small changes can make not just for your space but for the longevity of the décor item.

Check out our list of tips to make the most of home decor items from Decocrated’s collections.

Consider both sides

The valuable players in the versatility category are those that are reversible by design. For example, two-sided pieces come in a variety of textiles and not to mention, help with organization too. Here's a list of two-sided items and what to do with them:

  • Position a two-sided art print in a clear stand that can be viewed from both sides
  • Frame your prints, but alternate sides occasionally
  • Use two-sided plaques as labels for crates and shelves
  • Switch sides of a rug, table linens, pillowcases, and other textiles seasonally

Keep things moving

Simply changing the location of an item can transform the energy of a living space. Try moving items from the wall to the tabletop or try one of these tips:

  • Use decorative home office storage pieces in your kitchen
  • Create a centerpiece using a wall medallion base
  • Use large, framed mirrors as trays on a buffet or dining room table 
  • Use a decorative arch on your patio as a trellis for a climbing plant 
  • Hang woven baskets on walls for storage

Get creative with storage

Think outside of the basic box for storage ideas to enhance your kitchen, home office, and other living spaces prone to clutter.

  • Repurpose woven baskets and twine-wrapped planters for rustic catch-alls
  • Wooden crates add rustic charm and functionality anywhere
  • Trays are easy ways to group similar items together and make them portable, like a mini-bar or coffee station

Shed some light


We can all admit that candles and lanterns are great additions to a mantle, shelf, or tablescape. To spruce up your light game, think beyond candlesticks and LED. One of these hacks can do the trick:

  • Mason jars, vases, terra cotta planters, and even wine bottles make interesting bases for candles
  • Arrange battery powered string lights in large jars for a fun and multi-seasonal lighting element
  • Have too many frames? DIY a unique lantern 

Add some natural touches

Get the most out of your décor pieces by putting seasonal greenery (faux is okay!) in unexpected vessels.

  • Look beyond your usual vases and add cut flowers in jars to crates or rustic baskets
  • Repurpose ice buckets, pitchers, and even old teapots
  • If you’re not using your lantern as a light source, make it a terrarium

It’s always fun to decorate with new things. Starting with basics that are cleverly designed and multi-functional allows you to renew your surroundings effortlessly whenever you choose.

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