Coffee stations are the newest, trendiest home accessory!

We can all agree that coffee is a staple of anyone’s work day, especially as we get used to this new normal; and you know what that means? The coffee mugs and beans you’ve left sitting in your cabinets can use an extra dose of love this season. Luckily, Decocrated can help you set up your very own at-home coffee station. So, when you’re ready to take on the challenge of making your own coffee station, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Pick an accessible, non-cluttered location 

First thing’s first: find the best spot for your coffee station. Although you might have less space these days, creating a place in your home that is accessible and can fit all your coffee-making needs is essential. If you’re like most folks, you prefer your counter to be clean and clear of clutter. However, not everyone is so lucky. Investing in a cart specifically for your coffee station is a great place to start and not to mention, most come equipped with loads of storage.

Speaking of storage! 

The trick to building your at-home coffee station is: storage. When you thoughtfully store and display your essentials, such as mugs and coffee beans, you avoid the tangled mess that often happens in kitchens. The key is to utilize storage that beautifully presents items and adds to the atmosphere like say, our wooden crate. The wooden crate can be used in multiple ways, not just for extra storage. Turn it on its side, or add in your colorful cups right side up!

Spills happen, be prepared!  

Let’s all agree: coffee is a countertop’s worst nightmare. It’s sticky and can easily stain anything in sight. Paper towels are super handy when it comes to cleaning up coffee spills and messes, but most aren’t eco-friendly. Utilizing a washer-safe table runner or mat, like the fall table runner, as your “spill-zone” is the most responsible and appealing way to prevent massive spills onto your countertop.  

Don’t forget to accessorize 

Here’s the fun part: decorations! Decocrating elevates a coffee station from purposeful to being a major conversation piece to anyone who sees it. What is amazing about decorating a coffee station is there are truly no wrong moves!  A simple flower arrangement, framed art, menu or sign are the perfect coffee station accessories.  

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