It's important to me that my guests feel as comfortable in my space as they do in their own. Decor and amenities play a big role in how your guest bedroom welcomes visitors. Today, I'm walking you through my top tips for creating a cozy guest bedroom that'll make your guests wish they never have to leave!

Let's step inside.

Guest Bedroom Pillows

When I travel, I bring my own pillow when it's practical to do so. That's because hotel pillows rarely seem to be comfortable enough to get me the quality sleep I get at home. So when I decorate my guest room, I keep a few different types of pillows on hand. Some firm, some soft and I even have one that you can take stuffing out of for a custom firmness.

However, all my sleeping pillows are stored in my guest bedroom closet. If you notice, there aren't any on the bed. Think about it, 99% of the time no one is staying in that room, so why not deck it out with some fun throw pillows? Your guests will love how quaint the space is and they may even want an extra pillow, of which they'll have many great options to choose.

Provide Fresh Guest Towels

No one wants to feel like they're bothering their host during their stay, so I do my best to provide essentials before guests arrive. I keep extra towels off to the side in the guest room so they always have a fresh set.

This woven basket from the DecoCrated Summer 2021 box is perfect for storing extra towels and washcloths for your guests. Another great use? I love the idea of putting a potted plant inside this boho basket for a touch of added freshness!

Decorating Guest Bedroom Nightstands

This is where you combine fashion with function. Nightstands are one of the only flat, table surfaces in a guest bedroom, so you need to optimize that space. Each nightstand should have a lamp for cozy lighting, especially if you have multiple guests. The flat black circle is a wireless phone charger, just in case guests forgot to pack their own.

But you don't want your whole space to be about business, so be sure you're utilizing some timeless decor. This cherry-wood arch makes a bold statement without interfering with the function of the space. It's the perfect piece of decor to add height to an otherwise flat surface. You can grab it in the DecoCrated Summer 2021 box which is now 50% off with an annual subscription!

To complement your aesthetic, use different items in similar colors on the other nightstand to create interest in your space. This wood bee is the same shade as the arch and pairs well with this functional black table clock and greenery. Plus, either piece looks fantastic on this neutral white wall ledge!

Both the white wall ledge and wood bee come wall-mount ready. So, alternatively you can find a spot on your wall to place them and elevate your decor, literally!

Which decorating tip will you utilize in your own space? Comment to let me know. Don't forget to pick up your DecoCrated Summer 2021 box featuring all of my cozy guest bedroom decor here!

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