Happy holiday season, friends! I’m about to blow your mind with one of my favorite (and easiest) Pinterest-worthy treats that takes little-to-no effort to do! Place these next to your Santa's Mailbox from the Christmas 2022 Add-on Box and you're ready for Christmas Eve fun! These are the kinds of activities I get so excited to do with my kids! The majority of the hard work has been done for you and the kids LOVE it! 

Here’s what you’ll need for Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls:

  1. Two cans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (one can make 4 trees). 
  2. Holiday sprinkles (I used red)
  3. Optional if you want your tree green: green food coloring or green frosting

Start by unpacking the cinnamon rolls. Unroll each circle and roll them into a snake-like shape. For my trees, I combined two rolled-out cinnamon rolls into one tree. So even though the package says it contains enough to make eight cinnamon rolls, for this recipe, each can make four trees. Once you have them rolled into snake-like / long pieces, curve the snakes around (like switchbacks in hiking) until you make a tree shape! It’s super easy! 

Tip: don’t stress about them being perfect, they’ll bake up super cute regardless!

Bake as directed on the packaging (400 degrees for 13-18 min) checking occasionally as some of mine cooked quicker! Pull out and IMPORTANT: LET COOL FULLY. 

Once your trees have cooled completely, get out that Pillsbury icing! Here’s where you have some options. You can either 1) add a few drops of green food coloring to the Pillsbury icing or 2) use green icing or green decorating icing to add that touch of green to your tree. I chose to use decorating icing. I first iced the tree with the Pillsbury icing, let that set, and then went back over the tree (mimicking the original shape) with the decorating icing! I love how it turned out. 

Finally, finish with sprinkles of your choice! I chose red sprinkles to really make it festive! White star sprinkles or multi-colored sprinkles would also be cute to make it look like little ornaments!

I set these out on my trusty Christmas plate that we use every year for Santa’s treats! I styled it next to Santa’s mailbox and the AMAZING holiday pillow - so fun and festive! I think Santa’s going to love his treats this year, what do you think? 

Until next time! 



About the Author

Becca is in her early 30’s and lives just outside Seattle with her husband, whom she met on Tinder (crazy right!?), and her two kids Macey and Harrison. Life is pretty full with two young kids but in her “free time” Becca loves a good mani-pedi, a hike with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or a day-date to bubble tea with her daughter. You can find her on Instagram here: www.Instagram.com/drivingmissmacey or her blog: www.drivingmissmacey.com.