There’s not much space in my life these days for breakfast in bed with two small kids. We never sleep in, mornings are usually chaos, and anything that requires too much planning is always hard, #momlife. However, the 2021 Winter box wood tray just screams, “serve me some pancakes and maple syrup in bed,” doesn’t it? So I decided to drop some major hints to my husband (who is an amazing breakfast maker), and sure enough, he made it happen! I forgot what a treat breakfast in bed is! 

The tray was perfect. Not only was the tray a great size for serving breakfast, but the handles on each side made it easy to transport. My husband served me my favorite, scrambled cheesy eggs with a glass of grapefruit juice. This is such a go-to morning breakfast for me, and it was so special to be able to have it in the comfort of my own bed! It got me thinking of some other yummy (and simple) breakfast in bed combinations! Here are some ideas to inspire your next breakfast in bed! Dropping a hint to your significant other isn’t a bad idea either;)

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  1. Something simple from the fridge: Fruit & hard-boiled eggs are perfect! We almost always have these items on the fridge, so this would make such a cute and simple breakfast in bed! Just add some fresh flowers or even some faux ones, and you have a colorful tray ready to serve! 
  2. A bakery-style breakfast: A muffin, scone, or bagel & cream cheese! Any of these options make for a delicious breakfast in bed! I’m a bagel addict. I love them so much. I love how easy they are to make, how filling they are, and how delicious!!
  3. Breakfast in a bowl: We love a good bowl of oatmeal in my house. Oatmeal is perfect because you can dress it up with pantry staples. Try honey, nuts of choice, and a scoop of peanut butter. Or try fresh fruit on top with Nutella to make it a little more of a treat! The options are endless here! Not a fan of oatmeal, a bowl of cereal will do, too! 
  4. Hot off the stove breakfast: Now, this one takes a little more preparation, but a classic eggs, french toast, or even pancakes off the griddle are all great options. These pair well with a side of berries or bacon and look so great on the breakfast tray!

Obviously, the options for breakfast in bed are endless. I think the most important part (besides the taste) is the presentation. ;) Make sure to add a little visual interest with a flower in a vase, a small faux plant, or a festive decor piece like the Decocrated wood village pieces or woodland creatures! There are so many Decocrated pieces that would add the perfect touch to the breakfast tray! And don’t forget the beverage! Orange juice, mimosa, coffee or tea…make sure you’ve got a little something to drink with that yummy plate! 

So, next time you have a special occasion coming up, or just need a pamper day - drop a breakfast in bed hint and share this blog post with your significant other. ;) You can keep it simple and yet, still super special! 




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Becca is in her early 30’s and lives just outside Seattle with her husband, whom she met on Tinder (crazy right!?), and her two kids Macey and Harrison. Life is pretty full with two young kids but in her “free time” Becca loves a good mani-pedi, a hike with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, or a day-date to bubble tea with her daughter. You can find her on Instagram here: or her blog: