Hi there! This is Theresa, a mother to two beautiful daughters, a wife, and a teacher. My blog is Theresa’s Reviews, and it’s where I share a mix of parenting, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. This year, I shared the BIG news that we bought a farmhouse-inspired home, and I have had a fantastic time decorating it with my Decocrated subscription!

When I am not writing, raising my children, or decorating our new-to-us home, I am a teacher. Like many other teachers around the world right now, I am preparing to teach from home. I have been working on transforming my home into a virtual classroom space that will both inspire me and appeal to children. As I began to arrange my classroom space, it was clear that my Decocrated home decor items would help make a comfortable, organized, and appealing environment for teaching. 

This subscription box is a simple way to refresh the classroom every season. Whether you are decorating a virtual classroom space at home or a traditional classroom in a school building, adding in some simple seasonal decor helps make your learning environment more beautiful. The box ships every season; so you don’t have to leave your home to find chic yet simple decor.  

Decorating the classroom before anyone arrives in the room has always been one of the most exciting parts of the school year. I have had jungle themes, mountain themes, and even a farmhouse theme. Whatever the theme, seasonal decor can quickly update the space to make it more inviting and exciting for students. 

Today I’m going to share some tips on how I am using my home decor to create a welcoming space for my virtual classroom to take place!

Get creative with home decor items to design a classroom space.

One of the most important things about having a virtual classroom is being able to connect with your students. Placing your computer in the right place matters. Right now, most teachers are not set up with a tripod or professional lighting and video equipment, but in this new normal, making the most of what you do have makes a big difference in being able to reach students. 

Sometimes, your home decor can actually help improve the layout of your technology! In my virtual classroom setup, I have the tall piece from the tabletop set, which I had previously spray painted with white chalkboard paint, and I placed it as a tripod under my computer. 

It boosts my computer up to my eye level to help me greet students. Elevating my computer helps me sit up taller. I don’t have to slouch to get my head in the frame, and I can be more natural on camera. The less distracting the video angle, the better. This creative repurposing of the tabletop set might not be the traditional use, but being creative with what you have helps tremendously!

Use decor to organize your home workspace.

Usually, some of my favorite home decor pieces add pretty accents without serving a more functional use, but now that is a luxury we don’t have. With everyone home together, any item that can provide organization must serve its purpose! I need a designated workspace, but my children need a separate space for their learning to happen each day. 

The galvanized mail holder from the winter 2019 box is perfect for storing my essential teaching supplies to keep them separate from my children’s work. This space is big enough to hold my planner to keep up with my schedule each week. It keeps my supplies all in one space, while it also matches our home decor.

Welcome students into your home. 

Your virtual classroom does not have to look just like your classroom in the school building would. Students will be excited to get to know the real you. Personalize your space to show who you are! 

The chalkboard in the spring 2020 box is perfect for making a welcome sign or for writing inspirational messages. It looks nice on a tabletop, and it can hang on the wall in the background of your videos. It will also work well for sharing a question of the day, writing out math problems, and teaching language arts concepts. Having items that are functional and versatile is smart when you are transitioning from a school building to a virtual classroom. 

When I’m not teaching, I can also hang my family’s schedule on it with magnets. It can easily transition from the classroom to the home as needed.

Another welcoming accent piece is the tote bag that says, “It’s what’s inside that counts.” This is an inspiring message for students, and it could be a fun prop for the classroom! It could hold the books for your daily reading time, or it could be part of show and tell. The surprise element of finding out what is inside the bag would be exciting for students.

Have a simple background for live video sessions.

If you are holding a live video session, having fewer distractions is best because it gives you more control over the lesson. Keeping decor minimal can help emphasize what you really want to focus on in the video, whether you are sharing a warm greeting or drawing out a visual answer to a question using the chalkboard. 

Something I always like about my Decocrated box is how simple and versatile the pieces are! They fit really nicely with my minimalistic, farmhouse cottage style, which is also appealing for a classroom. One principle to follow with classroom design is not to overdo it with decorating because it can get distracting. The same goes for designing your classroom at home. The less clutter, the more students can focus on what you are teaching them.

Each of my Decocrated boxes has had items that work for any season and some that specifically fit that current season too. It is always exciting to find out what is inside! Each box comes with 7 high-quality items. It’s much more simple than picking out items one-by-one in a store or online. When everything arrives, you can see how they all work together and complement each other for each season. Usually they have a cohesive color scheme or similar patterns, which works well both in a classroom and at home. As a new homeowner and a newly working-from-home parent, I have been really happy with how well this subscription box works for me.

Did you decorate your classroom with items from your Spring box? If so make sure to follow me on Instagram and tag me, so I can see how you #Decocrated your classroom!

With love,

Theresa, from Theresa’s Reviews