Hi there, it’s Morgan from The Patient Mom blog! I’ve been working full time from home for almost two years now and I think I have finally gotten it down to a science. So, if you are looking to start a new remote position or working a hybrid schedule, I have compiled some tips, advice, and home office essentials to help make your work from home experience a breeze. 


1. Dedicated office space

Remote setup, home office space, multiple devices, game changer

Having a dedicated home office space is a must in my book. I transformed our guest bedroom into my office space and it is great to have my own area in the house (especially because I have three kids who aren’t in school yet!). It helps to put me in “work mode” and somewhat separate my work life from my home life. It was also fun to decorate it a bit. 


If you don't have an extra room in your home to make into an office, at least try to find your own space to create a good work environment. Having a home office setup is important for focus and also for video calls! Set up a desk in your living room or clear off that kitchen table that has become a catch-all for all of your things you’ve been meaning to put away. 


2. Desk & chair

Desks, offices chairs, lap desks, ergonomic chair, computer screen

A proper desk and office chair are so important. I went with a white and gold work desk and I absolutely love it. It’s way cuter than the desks you get in an office building, right? And you will definitely need a desk chair. During my first few months of working at home, I used an extra kitchen chair from our dining room and boy did my back pay for it. Get one with a great seat cushion and lumbar support. This one is also white with gold hardware and as an added bonus my kids love to spin on it.


3. Laptop with Dual monitors

A laptop is a work from home essential. They are much more practical than a desktop and allow you to be mobile. I love how I can easily switch up my location but if I have something highly detailed to work on I can pop my personal computer into its docking station and use my extra computer monitor. Sometimes I even use three screens!


Along with your laptop, monitor, and docking station, I also suggest a wireless keyboard and mouse set. 


4. Organization accessories

Organization accessories, great investment, home setup, extra space for your desk, organized desk

This is where I really shine - organization. When creating your remote set up, organization accessories are home office essentials in order to remain focused and productive The gold organizer from the Spring 2020 Box is not only gorgeous but also perfectly designed for holding pens, markers, paper clips, Post Its, charging cords, etc. Add some faux flowers for elegance! 


5. Planner

 Planner, How to stay organized while working from home, remote work, working remotely

I love a good To Do list. I actually keep multiple and write down the tasks I want to accomplish daily. I use Microsoft To Do list on my computer but also have to have a physical, paper planner. I prefer them to have the monthly calendar view but also a daily breakdown by week. I always add boxes next to my list of items so that I can check them off as I complete them. There is something so satisfying about checking those boxes; sometimes I even add an item to my list after it is done just so I can mark it off (I can’t be the only one who does this, right??). 


6. Headphones  

 Noise canceling headphones, video call essentials, great audio quality

Bluetooth, noise-canceling headphones are a remote workers BFF. They are great for listening during video conference calls or phone calls and canceling out any background noise like kids screaming for snacks or dogs barking at the FedEx delivery person. I also use mine to listen to music while working and even when I run. The sound quality is great and they are very versatile. I definitely think they are worth the investment. 


7. Desk calendar 

I couldn’t get by without a desk calendar. I’m constantly forgetting the date and/or the day of the week. Working from home will do that for you. I usually love using the wooden calendar from the Decocrated Winter 2020 Box, which is the perfect set.


8. Dry erase board/chalkboard

 Dry erase board, take notes, stay organized, mental health

No home office is complete without a chalkboard or dry erase board for brainstorming sessions and reminders. I’ve loved this chalkboard from the Spring 2020 Box from the moment I unboxed it. I also love how it is magnetic and I can spice it up with these Decocrated magnets and art cards.


It’s amazing how many little things you’ll realize you need as you ease into your remote position. Learn as you go and enjoy the comfort of your home (and sweatpants)!


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