If you are on social media following some gorgeous home accounts, you’d know what trend I am talking about. Decorating with an art piece is not a new trend but has gained newfound popularity in 2022. What has really caught my eyes is using an art frame in kitchen vignettes, from floral, and abstract to paintings showcasing kitchen nuance. 

An art frame adds drama, breaks the continuity of a backsplash, easily draws attention, and offers an alternative to using charcuterie boards as a base for adding decor.

As with any home décor vignette, how you style and pair your art piece, can either accentuate the art or tone it down, or simply use it to tie everything together. There is no right or wrong, it’s the overall look that makes either of them work.

I usually like to keep my kitchen vignettes more functional to maximize the use of space while also decorating the countertop space. So for me, the art offers a background while I pair it with functional items that I use often.

Here are a few things that help me set up a vignette using an art frame:

1. Focal point:

Using an art frame as a focal point and decorating around it. Planning and using elements that pair well with the selected art frame. The art frame can be a pop of color, an emotion, or a favorite recipe displayed in a frame.

Choose a focal points, make your art frame the focal points, focal point, books infront of the, ceramic bird

    2. Adding a contrast:

    Using an art frame to simply add a contrast of color, texture, and design can also make an eye-catching statement. I often use an art piece to add contrast to all of the other elements in use, breaking similar tones and textures. For example, my kitchen uses a lot of natural elements like wood, and marble, so adding color and texture through an art frame breaks the monotone.

    Add contrast, art frame, potted plant, utensil holder
    Contrasting heights, raised pedetal tray, kitchen counter, winter art frame, candle

      3. Functional + statement:

      Anything that steals functional space away is never a part of my kitchen. I like adding minimum décor items and more functional items that maximize the use of space while also making a beautiful statement. I also like to use an art frame to hide not-so-pleasing wall units on the backsplash as in the picture below.

      Cover up outlets, outlet on a wall, strategic styling


        4. Seasonal elements + neutral:

        I often like to pair art frames with seasonal florals to add a pop of color. In this case, I intentionally kept the art frame neutral and all of the other elements either natural or neutral to let the florals really pop in the vignette. The art frame is subtle but draws attention. A written quote or a framed recipe is a perfect piece to accentuate the seasonal element.

        Add seasonal and neutral elements, add art frames with seasonal elements, tea, flowers, tulips

          5. Simple + minimal:

          I also like to keep some vignettes simple without adding too many items to them and let the art piece shine through it. There is nothing wrong to be a maximalist, but in kitchen vignettes where it anyway gets too busy, keeping it minimal can actually help ease out the space.

          Keep it simple and minimal, art frame with flowers, on wooden frame

          6. Adding different textures and tones:

          While I use an art frame to break the monotone, I also pair it carefully to match the textures and tones to complement other items better. For example, in the picture below, I have used a charcuterie board that pairs well with the wood texture and wood grain color of the frame, so that they look like they belong together and do not fall out of the picture.

          Add different tones. wood tone, white wood tone

          Whether you choose to make your vignette functional or strictly decorative, working around these points will help you achieve a spectacular kitchen scene!



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          Neha B. is passionate about decorating and organizing and offers virtual home styling and organizing services. She shares snippets of her home on her Instagram page (@the.momhood.tales) with a mix of motherhood. She has two little kids and loves doing home décor that focuses on creating kid friendly spaces. Neha also likes designing spaces that focus on functionality with aesthetic value. Her home is a beautiful rustic gold style with neutral tones that adds a more timeless look. All pictures used in this post are of her home that she has designed herself. She can be reached at thebeautifulmama205@gmail.com