New Year’s Eve is an exciting day, as people are eagerly waiting to ring in the next year. Apart from going out to entertainment joints or public celebrations, it can be the best time to spend with your family having holiday activities together. Enjoying holiday fun with your family is the best opportunity to bond, enjoy your time together and usher in the New Year. There are various activities, games, celebrations, and foods that’ll make your New Year’s Eve enjoyable. This article outlines the top ideas of things to do when at home with your kids on New Year’s Eve.

Have a NYE Countdown All Day, Throw A Party at Supper Time


As everyone at home is waiting to usher in the New Year, the best idea for the NYE is to have a whole day countdown. While having the countdown, you can add more flavor by popping a balloon every hour until midnight. You can start the countdown at noon or immediately after supper. Throw a party during supper, where you can prepare delicious meals and enjoy it together at home. It’ll be good to prepare the kids their favorite foods and allow them to help you in the kitchen. They can make festive popcorn or even set up a fondue table to enjoy the party.

Decorate For The Party 


The New Year is all about celebrating. While you’re spending the New Year with your kids at home, it’ll be necessary to decorate the house. This is probably a favorite for my kids. They love decorating for anything but especially for New Year’s Eve! You can buy décor online or even at local retailers. You can even get seasonal décor delivered right to your door with a Decocrated home decor subscription box! No more worrying about the crowds and strolling down the aisles looking. Their boxes have versatile pieces that can be used in different seasons. 

A few examples of things we always buy are hats, noisemakers, balloons, streamers, and if we’re able to find sparklers, we get some for the kids to do outside. We usually will put down a tablecloth and decorate the table, and it’s definitely a highlight of the night.

Have NYE Kid’s Interview or NYE Resolutions 


As the year draws to the end, the best kids’ activities you can enjoy with your kids at home during New Year’s Eve include having a kid’s interview and resolutions. During this, we like to check with our kids about what matters most to them and how they may see life. As you proceed, you can adjust the questions depending on the age or interest the kids have. In addition, the kids can narrate what they have experienced in the past year and how it has changed their ways of thinking and living. Then every family member can talk about their resolutions for the coming year and have them on a big family resolution page.

Dress Up To Celebrate 


We always give our kids the option to dress up in their fancier clothes if they’d like to.  Sometimes they choose fancy clothing or go for a wild clothing option. In addition, you can help them make NYE’s homemade party hats, although we do buy hats. Sometimes I have a kid or two that chooses to make their own. I will give them a blank sheet of paper, and they can color them or glue things on them. It brings out their creative side. 

Take Lots of Pictures 



Most kids love taking photos; thus, taking many photos with them on New Year Eve can make their day enjoyable. You can have some family photos together, then have the kids enjoy the photo session with different outfits of their choice. One year, we bought cheap props to have a makeshift photo booth. We also have a camera that prints a small picture immediately. This can be a big hit not just for younger kids but older ones as well. It’ll be fun to look back on them years from now. 

Color Fun NYE Pictures 


All of my kids love showing off their creative side. Another great activity is to have your kids color or decorate NYE pictures. A simple way to do this is to google it and find some free printables to print out. In addition, you can purchase construction paper or blank paper, stickers, crayons, glitter, and markers. The kids will enjoy the coloring of the NYE pictures, and it’s one of the kid activities that most kids like participating in. After coloring the pictures, you can hang them where the whole family can enjoy them.

New Year Eve is a great time to spend, enjoy and bond with your kids and family. There’s nothing like spending the holidays at home with your kids, making memories that will last a lifetime. I hope this gave you some ideas you can use to incorporate into your New Year’s Eve traditions. Thank you to Decocrated for allowing me to share my ideas with you all!

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