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Today we’re diving into our “new” daily life, and for most of us, that means working and even homeschooling our children from home. Amidst all of this change, we ultimately need to find our balance, a new way of productivity, all while conquering this new norm in the best way we can. So let's jump right into 5 Ways to Rock Working from Home - even with kids. 

Create Consistency 

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Set yourself up for success by creating consistency in your day instead of strict schedules. We all need the flexibility to navigate these new changes. What does that mean? Instead of trying to pour everyone’s needs into a rigid schedule, create blocks of time and a backup to get things done. Go easy on yourself, if something doesn’t get done or you simply need more time, step back, and try the same thing differently tomorrow. You’ll soon fall into a habit that works best for everyone. Remember, we will get through this!

 Mix Up Your Environment 

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From using ironing boards to dinner tables (to one more example) as a desk, we are seeing home offices figure their way into our homes. Don’t be afraid to change up your spaces temporarily to get things done. It’s just temporary, after all. Go ahead and grab your favorite chair, a coffee table, and that house plant to make yourself a nice little designated workspace. Oh, and don’t forget your favorite pieces of decor! A designated space will help boost your productivity and elevate your mood. 

Add Elements For Positivity

(Decocrated Spring 2019 motivational sign shown)

If you’re hunkering down at home, we want to avoid getting that thing they call cabin fever. Bring in pieces with bright colors, light a candle (if you safely can with little hands around), commission your little ones during their daily art session to make pieces for your space. My favorite motivational sign from a past Decocrated box always brings a smile to my face. What elements boost your mood?

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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Group similar task times for you and the family to create a better work-life flow. Working together is the best way to avoid distractions (the most we possibly can). If you and your significant other are both home, take breaks to minimize distractions. Have your kiddos sit at the table with you while they play quiet, learning games with headphones while you look over reports. Host a family meeting at dinner to identify ways to improve the new schedules, talk about both highlights and lowlights of the day. Little ones tend to be more on board when they’re a part of the solution. Grouping similar tasks and jobs together will allow you to maximize your productivity and make the day go a lot smoother.

Keep It Simple

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One of the reasons I actually found Decocrated was because they made updating my home decor so simple and easy. Use the same concept to eliminate challenges as they come. That schedule we talked about? Focus on completing bigger tasks first so you can easily tackle little ones in shorter periods of time. Trying to rework a cleaning schedule because the family acts like a messy tornado? Break cleaning tasks into days - Mopping Monday or Tub / Toilet Tuesdays are way easier than some super detailed task sheet. If you make it easier on yourself you’ll find that you have less stress, feel better about new changes, and rock this new lifestyle we are all adjusting to. Remember to go with the flow, you can always try something different tomorrow, new things always take time to perfect. We are all going through the same thing and it takes a lot of work and practice to run tight ships!

Don’t forget, we want to hear from you! We’re all in this together. What tips do you have for working from home, how are you doing? Which of these tips will you be trying? Join us over in our Decocrators Facebook group let us know how you’re doing. I can’t wait to chat with you all.

Bonus Tip: Have fun!

❤ Chelsey