Summer is just around the corner, and my family has already started counting down the days until Memorial Day! With the new season bringing plenty of chores around the house, have you considered refreshing your bedroom for the summer? The bedroom is a cozy space during cold weather, but those throw blankets and sweaters are too heavy to keep out for the summer season. It's time to change up your space and create the perfect summer bedroom retreat. The following are tips for refreshing your bedroom just in time for summer:

  1. Swap your comforter and sheets. 

Swap your bedding, summer color sheets, blue sheets, blue pillows, light colors, side table summer, frame, summer lamp

While duvets keep you cozy at night during the cooler months, it is definitely too heavy to keep on your bed during the summer! Switch out your heavy blankets for a lighter comforter and sheet set. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a summer color palette when choosing your lighter fabrics– while I prefer incorporating whites and blues into my room and bedding for the summer, sandy neutrals are also a great pick for a summer bedroom refresh. 

  1. Switch out your clothes.

Lighter fabric clothing, switch out your winter clothing, clothes in a drawer

Growing up in the northeast, switching out our clothes was a biannual ritual. I always enjoyed the day I packed away my sweaters and hung up my tank tops and shorts. It made me excited for the warmer weather ahead! Switching out your clothes is a must for refreshing your bedroom for the summer– check out these tips for storing those winter coats and sweaters.

  1. Dust off your ceiling fan.

Clean your room, clean your fan , master bedroom cleaning

Now that you are going to be switching on your ceiling fan more frequently when was the last time you cleaned it? Before you turn your fan on for the first time this summer, make sure you wipe down all the dust and dirt that accumulated over the winter season. The Home Depot has a how-to guide for cleaning almost any type of fan. 

  1. Add in summer decor.

Summer decor, budget friendly summer refresh, light colors, sea shell decor, sea glass decor, blue beads, fun way to bring in summer

Why not add some summer-inspired decor to refresh your bedroom? My favorite way to decorate for the summer is by incorporating shells and sea glass I have collected during the warmer months. I love to show off my collections in glass jars or by putting my hot glue gun to use for some beach-inspired crafting. Grab a glass vase and challenge yourself to fill it with your favorite summer trinkets you’ll collect all season! You can also subscribe to Decocrated and receive their seasonal Summer 2022 Box!

Side table with Summer decor, vase, plants, summer art fram, budget friendly decor
  1. Bring in summer scents. 

Summer Scents, summer refresh, fresh flowers, summer candle, totally transform your room

Finally, what is a room refresh without incorporating the scents of the season? Sweet scents, fresh flowers, and fruity candles are a great addition to a summertime bedroom. Try lighting a summer-inspired candle or bringing fresh floral bouquets into the bedroom. I found that the wooden candle holders from the Fall 2021 box paired perfectly with my nautical decor!


I hope these tips inspire you to refresh your room for the new season, and help prep your bedroom for summer!

About the Author

Danielle Pierce is a first-grade teacher, adjunct writing professor, and copywriter. She began as an intern for Decocrated during the summer of 2021. Danielle is an avid equestrian, and when she is not prepping for her classes or writing blogs for Decocrated, you can probably find her at the barn.