Are you looking for ways to refresh your bathroom décor? I have some suggestions that won’t require huge floor space or any major renovations. Just a few easy changes for a refreshing transformation.

1. Mirror

In addition to the obvious reason for hanging mirrors, they also give your bathroom the illusion of being more prominent. If you place a mirror near a window or a source of light, it automatically makes the room feel more spacious. I added the Decocrated Kelly Wall Mirror near the window to add some visual texture and amplify the room’s brightness. If you want to purchase your own Kelly Wall Mirror click here: Kelly Wall Mirror – Decocrated

2. Storage

Utilize decorative storage jars, canisters, and soap dispensers to store your bathroom essentials and toiletry items. I used glass storage jars to help keep my cotton balls and Q-tips organized and easily accessible. Replace yours today! Not only are these jars a great method of organization, but they also provide some style to your décor.

3. Bathtub Caddy:

I love this bathtub caddy! Not only does it look nice stretched across your bathtub, but it is also super useful. It is the perfect way to make your bath time more relaxing and enjoyable. You can sit in the tub with a glass of wine, a good book, and a lit candle on top of the Decocrated Soho Gold Candlestick and not have to worry about dropping anything into the water. It makes your bathroom look and feel like a spa. Buy yourself a nice Soho Gold Candlestick here: Soho Gold Candlesticks – Decocrated

4. Towels

I love to display hand towels in the bathroom. I like to place them on the sink, draped across a towel stand, or even draped across the bathtub. Towels can help to distinguish a theme in your bathroom or just add a pop of color and texture. I enjoyed adding a pop of color to this white hand towel with the Decocrated Beads from the 2021 Fall Box.

5. Decorate your toilet:

One of the most neglected unused areas in the bathroom is the top of the toilet. You can tap into that space, especially if you have a small bathroom, and use it to store items or just make it pretty with decorative items. Refresh your space with a nice trayed flower arrangement, a tissue box, and the Decocrated 2021 Fall Box Beads. Yes, even toilets can be decorated!

Give your bathroom some extra love this season. Keep it simple, use what you already have but add a little refresh with a few new things here and there.

xoxo, Doris (Doris Roberts Interiors)

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