Don’t tell anyone, but spring is my favorite season. I mean how could it not be? The blossoming flowers. The clear blue skies. The fresh air and a light breeze. Oh, and the FLOWERS! Spring just makes us all happy as the cold, harsh winter is being swept away by all of the green growth. If you’re like me and you love springtime and want to celebrate its commencement as if it were a holiday, keep reading for some fun, family-friendly ideas! And if you don’t like spring – which I doubt – still keep reading because most of these activities are universal for any pretty day! Here are five ways to celebrate spring!  

1. Visit your local farmer’s market! 

Celebrating spring, farmers market, a farmers market, going to a farmers market, walking around outside

Farmer’s markets are my favorite Sunday morning excursions. In my hometown, I have a huge one located fifteen minutes away that is filled with local vendors that sell a wide variety of goodies, from honey to knitted clothing to freshly baked empanadas to locally grown vegetables. A farmers market, to me, is the best place to meet new people and see what the local community is up to – and to support small businesses! On a perfect spring day, I can’t imagine anything better than taking a stroll through a farmers market and buying some flowers and lunch. A day well spent!  

2. Picnic! 

Have a picnic, enjoy a picnic outside, eat outside, picnic table, picnic food

Beautiful days are meant to be spent outdoors! During the spring, grab the hubby and kiddos and take a trip to your local park for a picnic! This is a great way to have some lunch with your family but to also get the kids to play outdoors. Bring a soccer ball or fly a kite and enjoy a day under the sun! Nowadays, people are also doing the equivalent of glamping but for picnics, where a cute set up with pillows and flowers decorate crates-for-tables. Decocrated’s Spring 2022 blue ceramic birds, table runner, pedestal, glass vase, and set of beads make the perfect picnic table decorations! Get out there and host a picnic sponsored by Decocrated! 

3. Homemade flower bouquet! 

WHite flowers, pick flowers, make a bouquet, get flowers outside

You give me an excuse and I’m outside picking any flowers that I can! I love incorporating flowers into any room in my house no matter the season. To give your typical flower bouquets that extra personal touch, try creating your own and opting out of the store-bought ones. I promise there are flowers planted somewhere outside of your home, simply grab a pair of scissors and get to picking! Try and mix and match the type of flower you include and mix it in with some simple branches with just leaves. Take a picture of your final product, post to your socials tagging @Decocrated, and we’ll repost it!

4. Plant a garden! 

Purple flowers, plant a garden, garden florals

What if you can’t find any planted flowers near your home? Don’t fret! Simply make your own garden! Planting a garden can be as simple or complicated as you want. Start by picking a good space in your backyard and clearing it of any weeds. Then, head to a flower shop or home improvement store to buy some flowers and soil – and shovels if you don’t already own some. Then get to planting! How best to honor the season of life than by giving a new life to some gorgeous flowers! A home garden is also a great way to beautify and add some color to your home.  

5. Visit your local botanical garden! 

    If all else fails, look into whether your hometown has a botanical garden. These gardens are absolutely stunning. If you have one, I highly recommend visiting it. The many different kinds of plants that are seen in a botanical garden are enough to make you want to go back home and expand that home garden of yours! There is also always something new, bright, and beautiful to be seen in your local botanical garden. On an especially flawless day, all you want to do is bask in the glory of Mother Nature’s awe-inspiring beauty and take some Instagram-worthy selfies!

    The list doesn’t have to end here! There are so many other creative, relaxing, and fun things to do to celebrate the coming of springtime. Go to the beach or the pool, go for a walk or a hike, or go grab some food at an outdoor café; the list is endless! Let us know how you are spending your spring whether it’s under the sun or cuddled in bed watching a movie with the fam! We love to hear what our Decocrated family is up to! Until next time!