I don’t know about you, but Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the warm tones, the crisp morning air, and snuggling up inside with a good book and blanket. Since we’ll be inside more, having a warm inviting home is important for the fall season. It’s time to change up the décor, but changing your entire home can get pricey! Check out these 5 tips for fall décor on a budget.

1. Shop around in clearance bins and dollar stores.

You'd be surprised by the décor you can find in clearance bins or at the dollar store. These masquerade masks I got at At Home for 70% a couple of years ago. They're not your traditional Halloween décor, but I like to sneak them in for a fun twist on two classics.

Another great find is fake flowers. Dollar stores always have "in season" fake flowers for crafting. Pick up a few, stick them in your favorite vase, ta-da, done!

Don't forget to check out the Dollar Spot at Target or clearance bins at Walmart or TJ Max. Sometimes you'll find things before the season, but the trick is to look right after the season ends!

2. Repurpose décor from other holidays.

The main pieces you see in this simple setup are NOT what I am talking about when I talk about repurposing decor from other holidays. See that star in the very back? Yeah, that's a Christmas decoration. The trick is to keep your eye open when decorating throughout all the holidays. Ask yourself when you are putting things out or buying items, "Can this be used for any other season?" In my opinion, this star is great for fall, but also kind of looks like something a witch would hang in the woods.

3. Get a Decocrated box!

Decocrated makes decorating simple. When you break down the price of the box and the items in it, it's actually a super affordable way to get new and exciting décor. Many of the items you see in these pictures are from the current fall box or even previous boxes. I love how simple and easy it is to add a flair of fall and/or Halloween to your home.

4. Phase it in. Start small, start early.

Okay, full disclosure, my husband hates when I decorate early. I learned this trick when I was trying to sneak décor into our home. What I found was that as the season went on, I would pick up one or two things here and there. You can spread it out, get a wide variety, and watch your home bloom into the season. As a side note, expect to move things around. As your collection grows, it's natural to find a better fit for something somewhere else.

5. Work with neutral colors in your home.

Fall is all about neutral warm tones. If you have warm tones in your home, accentuate them! We have a lot of wood pieces in our home, so we make those the centerpiece of our fall décor. I love these wood candle holders from the fall Decocrated box! Plus, gold, is a beautiful way to add a little "sparkle" or "bling" to your fall décor.

About the Author:

Hello! I'm Lynsey! My husband and I are raising our two boys in Northern Utah. We just bought a home and I’m a total newbie when it comes to decorating, but I find it super fun and a great way to be creative. You can find me on my website realmomtribe.com or on social media as @realmomtribe.