Hi! It’s Morgan again from The Patient Mom blog and I am back with some new mantel decor ideas. This time we are talking Valentine’s Day mantel; which means all the pink and all the hearts! Below are some tips to decorate your mantel with LOVE for V Day. 

LOVE Letters

Valentines day decor, valentines day love letters, Decorative letters

If you have read any of my past mantel styling posts, you are familiar with my recommendation to have a sort of “centerpiece” for your mantel. This is a place to start and build around, but also to draw your eyes in; especially if you have a TV mounted above.

I crafted these glitter love letters myself using paper mache letters, acrylic paint, and glitter (everything is better with glitter!). Follow the step-by-step tutorial on my personal blog to create your own set. If you don’t want to use the word “love” some other fun ideas might be “XOXO”, “be mine”, “I ❤️ U” or “Cupid”.

Heart Garland

Decorative garland, valentines day garland, hearts, decorative hearts, DIY garland

I also stand by the need for garland strung upon every holiday mantel. It gives the area depth and helps to solidify the color scheme. I made these garlands by hand, using yarn tassels for the bottom strand and wooden beads and yarn hearts (just wrap yarn continuously around a cardboard heart until fully covered) for the top strand. I hang them using command hooks secured to the top of the mantel.

Dried/artificial flowers & Vases

Valentines day flowers, Valentines vase, pink vase, decorating with flowers

A staple of any Valentine’s Day is flowers, so why should your mantel be any different? Fill in some space with dried flowers or artificial greenery in pink and glass vases or apothecary jars. You can reuse them every year!

Cute Quotes

Decorative sign, love sign, love letter, decorating with sign

I love the double-sided tabletop sign from the Winter 2019 Box. For this mantel, I used the side with the quote that reads “there may be no thing greater than a life all loved” - the perfect quote for this theme!

Decorative Accents

Valentines day decorations, Valentines day mantle, valentines day accents

Doesn’t the wooden tabletop calendar from the Winter 2020 Box look great on the mantel? I switched the date to Valentine’s Day (February 14 in case you forgot) to tie it in. I filled in the last of the space with a couple of rose gold houses.

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