The photos that coax you to linger on some pages in home décor magazines probably feature a version of farmhouse style. There’s just something about that look that says, “Welcome, make yourself comfortable.” With these five tips for creating a modern farmhouse theme in your home, you can create that feeling in your home, whether you live on a farm or not!

Use Neutrals With Just a Touch of Color

White, bone, or grey walls create the perfect backdrop for farmhouse décor. Think of your walls as a canvas to which you will add decorative details that evoke the farmhouse feel. Modern farmhouse wall accents can take the form of weathered signs, vintage advertising pieces, or textiles. Many homeowners opt for framed or unframed quotes that are inspiring, funny, or that express their favorite leisure activity, like fishing or canoeing.

Incorporate Wood

Wood flooring, especially wide plank flooring, instantly creates a farmhouse feel. Use wood accents on walls and as rustic end tables. Find reclaimed wood pieces at salvage stores that you can paint or use to build tables or desks.

Using shiplap is a popular way to add wood to walls, and it immediately gives that farmhouse appeal to any wall. Sliding barn doors are convenient as well as attractive, and they express the farmhouse theme perfectly.

Mix Textures

With a neutral palette, it’s important to mix in different textures. Use nubby wool throws on a fabric couch, and add rugs of natural materials like wool and sisal or braided rugs.

Add Metal Accents

Add a cast-iron railing, a galvanized watering can, or a wall hanging of metal cutouts. Just don’t overdo it—a railing and some metal light fixtures or a flowerpot made of an old metal flour bucket with a cutout metal wall hanging are enough for one room.

Don’t Forget the Fixtures

An apron sink instantly gives your kitchen a modern farmhouse feel, and a clawfoot tub is a classic that takes your bathroom from “blah” to “ah!”

Get creative with light fixtures as well. They don’t all have to be “matchy-poo.” If you have three pendants above your kitchen island, use a slightly different fixture made from the same kind of metal and hung at exactly the same height to create a little whimsy and break up the sense of standardization.

There are many more ways to create a modern farmhouse theme, depending on how much renovating or remodeling you want to do. Exposed brick and wood beams rusticate your home, but they may take a bit more work and create more dust than a coat of neutral paint and some wall hangings. It’s up to you how far you want to take your farmhouse look. Just remember that your goal is comfort, not clutter!