Some people mistakenly believe that the only way to incorporate personality into fashion or interior design is to use color—and lots of it. Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth. Check out these five stylish ideas for a neutral bedroom scheme, and you’ll see just how unique neutral décor schemes can be.

Classic Elegance

This style is characterized by luxury. Think silver chandeliers, gray upholstered headboards, and plenty of glass and mirrors. You can emulate this style by choosing mirror-coated accessory trays, cool-toned fabrics, and wall décor with glass frames.

Parisian Chic

The key to a Parisian bedroom style is to include a couple of vintage elements that remain subtle to ensure your whole design scheme doesn’t end up feeling old. Paint the crown molding white, hang up a vintage mirror with a gold or brass frame, and don’t forget a vintage-inspired light fixture. If you have a window, choose curtains that drape elegantly.

Scandinavian Minimalist

Everything about a Scandinavian-style room should be geometric and warm-toned. Utilize rustic wood furniture in light shades (use beech wood as a reference) and incorporate plenty of textures. Any accent pieces should be modern and lean toward the abstract.

Beachside Bohemian

Texture is the main feature of a bohemian bedroom. Woven baskets, macramé rugs, wall hangings, and white faux fur will help you capture the essence of this design scheme. Also, be on the lookout for rattan folding screens, hanging plants, and basket-style lampshades.

Modern Industrial

The most important part of an industrial room is exposed urban design elements, like old pipes, exposed brick, and hardwood flooring. If your room doesn’t come with authentic versions of these features, you can achieve the same effect with black steel bedframes and shelves, architectural wall décor, and medium-toned wooden furniture.

We hope these five stylish ideas for a neutral bedroom scheme show you just how unique neutral décor schemes can be when you use different elements. Who said color was the only way to have fun when decorating?

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