When I think of Springtime I imagine blue skies, warmer weather, flowers blooming, and birds chirping. There is another element of the weather that may not come to mind and that’s rain. Springtime can be especially wet and dreary. Which can put a damper on your Springtime activities. What if I told you it didn’t have to? That’s right! My family and I take advantage of the rain and plan some special activities that can only be done on a drizzly day. So keep reading for 5 fun rainy day activities that will keep the kids entertained!


Rainy Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt list, Younger kids holding list, scavenger hunt for the whole family, rainy day activities

Scavenger hunts are ideal for keeping your kids creative in the rain. You could plan on hiding objects in subtle locations or identifying what you’ll need them to look for. You can even add in rewards to see who finds the most things. Our family can be quite competitive so we are always turning activities into a game. Some of the rainy scavenger hunt items could include:

  • Find A Puddle

  • Find Mud

  • Find An Umbrella

  • Find Rain On A Leaf

I also like adding in a little math and if they’re finding multiples, encouraging them to count how many they see. They’re having fun and learning to count as well. You can also make an indoor scavenger hunt and choose items that are in your home!


Mud Pies

Fun playing in mud, mud pies, playing in the mud, fun things to on rainy days, get outside

My kids love an opportunity to get messy. On a rainy day when boredom starts setting in, we have to get creative fast! A great way to get rid of boredom is by allowing them to get messy! My kids love making mud pies after a good rain. It doesn’t take them long to find a mud hole and they will grab sticks, old bowls, and start putting mud in the bowl and stirring it up. If you have any tin pans (because they are easy to throw away) you can let them pretend they are making pies or cakes. My kids love doing this and then pretending to cook the mud pie. Then we pretend to enjoy eating it. It’s always a lot of fun for all of us.


Dancing In The Rain

Dancing in the rain, enjoying the rain, playing outside, dance party, fun outside

One thing we are always doing is dancing. If you walked into our home on any day you would hear music. Especially while in the kitchen cooking, there is always music on and you will find us having a dance party. It’s something all of my kids look forward to. What more fun could it be than acting goofy and dancing in the rain. The first time I suggested this to my kids they looked at me like I had three heads. They were used to me telling them to get on their raincoats and cover their heads. If it’s not raining too hard and you don’t have anywhere you need to be, then you must give this one a try!


Play Sink or Float

Sink or float in puddles, throwing a rock in a puddle, fun rainy day science experiment, bad weather fun

Not every object floats on water, and this is a fun activity to test that out. You can play sink or float. We try to look for a deep puddle. If we can’t find one then we will try and remember to set out a bucket so it will collect rainwater or you can get water from inside your home. Then ask them to collect some stones, leaves, legos, or anything they can find to determine what floats and what does not. It’s a fun little science experiment and puts their brains in thinking mode.


Painting With Mud

Painting with mud, most kids love getting messy, creating a mud art gallery, little girl having fun playing with mud

Another great activity that you can also do alongside the mud pies, is mud painting! I will hand out construction paper and they will grab a stick and use it like a paintbrush to pick up mud and the construction paper is their canvas. Sometimes I will give them things to draw and sometimes they will just draw or write whatever their heart desires. It’s fun comparing everyone’s drawings and seeing how creative they are with the mud, which is my favorite thing!

Paper with mud on it, girl painting with mud, fun way to embrace the rain, fun rainy day activities

Rainy days don’t have to be a gloomy stay in your home day. Embrace the rainy day and have fun outdoors rather than doing indoor activities. There is loads of fun outside to engage your kids and make sweet memories. You’ll also be known as the cool mom (according to my son)! Woohoo!! So get out there, get messy and create beautiful moments with your special little people. 


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