Ever found yourself getting bored of the same home décor items every year? Don’t get rid of them yet! As much as I love decorating, it can get so expensive, and to accommodate seasonal décor into that budget can also be daunting. And let’s not even get into the storage issues.

Here’s a solution, though- mix and match! I love creating different fall vignettes throughout my home that uplift all the spaces and give a little ‘newness’ to my old décor items. The key is to keep your vignette small- I typically go with the rule of odd numbers. I like grouping 3- 5 items in one vignette so that every item holds value and appears clean. 

These 5 fall vignettes will convince you to mix and match and hopefully give inexpensive seasonal décor touch-ups that you will adore. Let’s go shopping in our own closets!

1. Coffee station:

A coffee station in cooler weather makes for a great entertainment space and also a display corner! I like to make my coffee station functional plus use it as a seasonal décor opportunity. Shop your own house for seasonal florals, trays, pumpkins, and add some cinnamon sticks and freshly baked goodies to set up a functional and pretty corner. 

Start with a base- a wooden or a marble pedestal would give your vignette items different heights and make it visually interesting. I like to use a neutral color kettle to display some seasonal florals on my coffee station. You can also use a neutral color vase. Neutral color base makes the color of the florals pop!

I love layering décor items! Since this is a coffee station, I like to use my mini cupcake stand to display a pumpkin. You can also use a spoon rest or simply a small dish! Add some seasonal mugs to the coffee station.

Add a seasonal scented candle and cinnamon sticks. Or display any other items you may want to mix and match but remember the rule of uneven numbers!

2. Coffee table:

The first thing that catches an eye in the living room is the coffee table. Coffee tables provide an opportunity to display items of various heights and textures to create a visual treat for yourself. 

I start with a base again and do a lot of layering. Coffee table books, trays, pedestals make for great coffee table vignette bases. A seasonal scented candle is a must on my coffee table. A vase with seasonal florals, a tray displaying pumpkins, beads, and of course, coasters are some of my fall must-haves on the coffee table. 

I like to keep a trinket box on my coffee table and store my remotes in it. A great way to hide the little things away! Also, I layer my trinket box with any décor items. I like to keep it free for other family members to use and not mess up with the décor. 

3. Console and side tables:

These are my favorite spaces to create vignettes! I like to use the console tables against the wall to display a letter board, a chalkboard, or a frame. I love the fall frame from Decocrated, and I pair it with 2-3 décor items of different heights. For example, you can pair a display frame or board with candlesticks from Decocrated fall box and the pumpkin. This pairing will form a visual interest with different heights and texture

Not every vignette needs to have a candle. I personally don’t always use a candle on my console table vignettes unless it is the only place in the room to display one. 

I divide my console tables into 3 sections- left, right, and center and each section is a vignette display opportunity. My center section typically has only one item to break up the idea of pairing uneven items. If I place a heavy item on one corner section, I don’t pair it with other items. 

Side table vignettes are easy to put together too. A vase with tall florals is a must-have! Of course, some pumpkins instantly give it the necessary fall touch-up.

4. Kitchen island:

I try to keep only one vignette for the island so that it doesn’t overcrowd the island and each item makes a statement in the vignette.

I again start with a base like a tray for the island. Typically, island vignettes can have a vase filled with seasonal florals, a candle, and a pumpkin! Voila! Easiest vignette to put together without having to do much!

5. Dining table:

My home styling is always around functionality, and I leverage that functionality into the design. My dining table vignette depends on how we use it! The formal dining room table gets a total uplift while our kitchen table is relatively simple so that we can move décor easily when we eat. Hence, a vignette setting works better for us on the casual dining table. I use a tray with handles as a base so that it is easy to lift. And if I am planning to move the décor away when we eat, I don’t include a candle in the vignette. I like to also place filler pumpkins in a small tray or bowl if I want to keep it small.

If not for a vignette, I place a large display piece in the center that can easily moved.

These easy tips can make for exciting visuals throughout your main entertainment space and bring all the fall vibes in your home. So let’s start shopping from our own collection first, make different combinations, pair things up and create vignettes around the house. 


Neha B. of www.themomhoodtales.com is passionate about decorating and organizing her home. She loves sharing snippets of her house on her Instagram page (@the.momhood.tales) with a mix of motherhood. She has two little kids and so her home décor tips and ideas also focus on creating kid friendly spaces while making them beautiful. She also focuses on functionality with beauty over making a home look just Instagram- worthy. She adores farmhouse style but loves rustic gold neutral tones for her own house. She mixes these styles to create spaces in her house that would not just please your eyes but also make you feel at home!

*All of the pictures in this post are of her home!