Fall décor is in full swing as we prepare for cooler weather. In our household, the kitchen is the central place for all our routine life drama. The first thing we fix ourselves in the morning is a nice cup of joe and the view I see at the first stop of my day is important to me. Now that kids are back to school, I’m sure the morning cup matters a whole different level to many of us moms!

I start fall décor in my kitchen by setting up a beautiful fall vignette on my coffee station. As with everything else, I do not like to overdo with seasonal décor. I love adding pops of seasonal décor so that they stand out from the rest! For example, I like to change my add-on décor on my coffee station without replacing mugs. I use mugs that are more neutral so that the rest of my décor make a pretty statement.

Here are a few simple ways that will easily spruce up your coffee station with fall décor without doing too much or breaking the bank:

1. Fall florals:

Adding small fall florals can bring fall colors without overdoing the space. Always consider the amount of space you have dedicated for the coffee station. I like to keep a lot of counter space free for functionality. I like adding a small bunch of florals that don’t interfere with the nuance of coffee prep. The more simple I keep, the easier it is for other people (read: hubby) to maintain the space! 

2. Candles:

There is nothing a sweet aroma cannot fix! I love using my fall candles that smell of pumpkins, apples, nutmeg, and other spices. You can either add pretty candles in the fall colors scheme or you can use candle jars that have fall colors. I personally like to go neutral color with fall candles on my coffee station because of all the other things that bring color in. If you have a small coffee station like me, it is a good idea to go neutral color with your candle so that your other décor can pop. I light my candles in the evenings and they leave my coffee station smelling good the next morning! The fall fragrance instantly transforms my space into a fall wonderland.

3. Pumpkins:

How is it fall without adding some pumpkins? I like adding faux pumpkins to my coffee station that are usually velvet to bring in some texture that adds warmth to my kitchen. There is very limited opportunity in a kitchen to add textures and I use each one of them. Besides, velvet pumpkins are always in trend!

4. Add deliciousness:

That’s right! Add deliciousness to your décor! Come fall season, we like to bake cinnamon bread and other fall goodies. I like to display some snacks that also complement well with our hot beverages. I use a cake stand with a glass dome to keep them covered. 

Another idea is to fill up your cereal bowls or an attractive décor bowl with fresh apples! Lastly, keep some cinnamon sticks on your coffee station that will add to the aroma and can be doubled up as a stirring spoon for added flavor.

5. Tea towels:

Replace your tea towels with fall tea towels for added visual plus functionality. I will either use my wood mini ladder to showcase my towel on the coffee station or put it on my tiered tray. Either way, it adds a fresh fall visual.

These tips will help you put together a beautiful fall coffee station. And with cooler weather coming up, your coffee station is going to be a show stopper! It doesn’t take a lot to set up a pretty entertainment space. Get ready for more coffee breaks!


Neha B. of www.themomhoodtales.com is passionate about decorating and organizing her home. She loves sharing snippets of her house on her Instagram page (@the.momhood.tales) with a mix of motherhood. She has two little kids and so her home décor tips and ideas also focus on creating kid friendly spaces while making them beautiful. She also focuses on functionality with beauty over making a home look just Instagram- worthy. She adores farmhouse style but loves rustic gold neutral tones for her own house. She mixes these styles to create spaces in her house that would not just please your eyes but also make you feel at home!