There is some warmth about August that makes us want to welcome fall as summer starts to fade away. There may be time before the leaves start changing colors and days start becoming shorter, but you can certainly start bringing some fall vibes into your home. As the sun is still so hot here, I want to slowly transition and give some Fall touch-ups to my décor before I am ready to go all out. I would hold off to bringing real pumpkins and gourds and even the major harvest décor, just yet! There is a lot of time before we turn our homes into a pumpkin wonderland!

I love everything about Fall- the colors, the textures, the coziness and the aroma. It doesn’t really take a lot to transition into the beauty of fall from summers. These 5 ways are not just simple, but also can be worked in any budget.

Add pillows and throws:

The easiest way to bring fall is to add a few fall pillows and change the light summer throws into fall colors and cozy textures. Adding pillows with warmer color tones like red, orange, yellow, brown and throws with cozy textures, while still keeping them light weight, is the best way to transition. That is also why I love buying different pillow covers and just swapping them out to match the season. It definitely makes my job easier and allows for easy storage!

I love adding my pumpkin pillow from a past Decocrated box to my existing summer pillows to add a little fall detail. The cable knit pumpkin pillows are also trending and make for a perfect textured display. My preferred pattern for a cozy fall throw blanket is waffle.  

I just love how changing up pillows and throws can instantly transform a space!

Change florals:

You will be amazed at how much of a difference florals can make to our décor. I would replace my summer florals with deep fall color florals. Adding different varieties of fall florals adds a statement to each of the vignettes you create. 

I would also keep some greens before we fully transition into fall foliage. If you like to keep it natural, just snip some branches from your trees outside, place them in a glass jug, and wrap a beaded garland around it. It also makes for a beautiful vignette on the kitchen table or island.

Fall aroma:

It’s funny how a scent can totally transform our décor, vibes and uplift any corner! I am definitely bringing my fall candles out and adding them to every vignette I create. There isn’t a simpler way than this to transition into fall! Adding candles instantly bring warm and cozy with aromas like pumpkins, apples, nutmeg and other spices.

Swapping fabrics around the house:

I bring fall into my bedroom as well. I love going neutral with colors for the bedding. And then, I add a pop of color with a red or burnt orange throw blanket. I also change the hand towels around the house. I also like to change my kitchen towels into neutral colors that we use for drying and display one or two fall pattern towels for décor purposes only. This keeps my fall décor subtle and neat for the transition.

Creating beautiful fall vignettes:

Oh, how I love creating vignettes! Instead of spreading décor items throughout a space, I love creating vignettes that keeps my décor look organized, pretty and not overly done!

As a rule of thumb, I start with a base- a tray or a wooden pedestal (both so much in trend right now!) and place decorative items in uneven numbers and different heights and shapes. Always remember less is more when it comes to décor! The lesser items you display, the better statement those few items would make.

My most preferred spaces to create fall vignettes during this transition is a kitchen island, a coffee station, a foyer/ entry/ side table, near a  kitchen sink and dining table. 

BONUS: Don’t forget to swap your welcome rug and wreath on the front door because that is where it all begins!

These 5 easy tips will transport you into a warm and cozy fall season without doing a lot. Now, all that I need is a pumpkin spice latte and fall color nails, and this gal is ready to welcome fall! 


Neha B. of is passionate about decorating and organizing her home. She loves sharing snippets of her house on her Instagram page (@the.momhood.tales) with a mix of motherhood. She has two little kids and so her home décor tips and ideas also focus on creating kid friendly spaces while making them beautiful. She also focuses on functionality over making a home look just Instagram- worthy. She adores farmhouse style but loves rustic gold neutral tones for her own house. She mixes these styles to create spaces in her house that would not just please your eyes but also make you feel at home!