As spring is ready to bloom, and we are dusting and getting our vases ready, let’s talk spring vignettes! While floral arrangements are a must for a spring refresh, picking out the right vase can be equally confusing. If you can’t decide what vase to pick and which one goes where, let me show you that it is how you style your florals and your vignettes that make the vase stand out!

I was super pumped to use my glass vase that I recently received in my Decocrated Spring 2022 Box. Simple things can often feel underrated but they can actually make magical statements. Read along to see 5 beautiful arrangements I created using this vase.

1.  A pop of color:

     Floral vignette, pink flowers, pop of color flowers, Pink flowers in the kitchen

    My kitchen is styled neutral with white cabinets and natural elements. This pretty floral arrangement is a $5 pink floral bunch from Hobby Lobby and a perfect pop of color! I love how it makes a vignette of its own without needing any extra elements. 

    Kitchen styling, floral vignette, in the kitchen, Pink flower styling on a stove

    When it comes to the kitchen, I like to keep things minimal in order to maximize the use of space. The two things that helped me pick this floral arrangement for my kitchen were; bright color, which actually could make a statement of its own in a neutral setting, and a bunch that had more leaves and a fuller look for a more realistic feel.


    2. A subtle touch of spring:

     White floral arrangement, coffee area vignette, spring floral vignette

    I love white florals and would incorporate at least one white floral vignette every season! I like keeping my coffee station mess-free and light, especially at this time of the year when most of the spaces have bright colors. Since the essentials of a coffee station like the storage containers, coffee machine, etc. add weight to the corner, a white floral can add the needed subtleness to make things feel light and fresh. 

    Coffee table floral vignette, tray styling

    This floral arrangement is again an under $5 find from Hobby Lobby. The two things that helped me pick this bunch are; the dark green color of leaves, which makes the white bunch look more realistic, and the fuller bunch so that the stems look gathered in the vase. 

    3. A real floral arrangement but faux:

       Tulip Vignette, entryway floral arrangement, purple tulips

      I am in love with this look, if I can say so myself! This floral arrangement has 15 real-touch tulip stems that I bought from amazon. I have filled a little water in the vase to give it a more realistic look since it is on my side table in the living room. Another way to achieve a realistic look is to bend some of the tulip stems to the outside of the vase. When paired with the right elements for the living space I think it makes a perfect vignette! 

      Entryway floral vignette, purple flowers, tulip arrangement, ceramic birds

      For styling, I always like putting coasters wherever I can to make them more accessible. And the half-moon mirror from a past Decocrated box is perfectly serving as a tray in this setting. The dusty blue ceramic birds further enhance the spring refresh by resting on one of the coasters.

      4. Sink vignettes:

      Sink vignette, sink styling, floral arrangement, pink flowers, hand soap, towel

      This is one space that is often overlooked and forgotten to be styled and to refresh with some seasonal décor but the impact it makes is huge in any kitchen. I love small vases near the sink that are hassle-free and take minimum space but add so much drama to an otherwise boring ensemble of dish soap and sink Knick-knacks.

      Sink styling sink area vignette, sink decorations, candle

      I used an under $5 arrangement from At Home store and kept the weight of this arrangement light and airy. Also, since this is right next to the sink, adding a little water to it makes it look more real. I have used a marble pedestal to pull the near-the-sink vignette together. I like using marble or ceramics near the sink so that I don’t have to worry about them soaking in water. 

      5. Bedroom vignettes:

        Bedroom styling, bedroom tray styling, bedroom flowers, bedroom flowers

        Wait, I think this one is my favorite! Bedroom vignettes, especially those created for a bed or a breakfast table, look more dramatic when kept simple! I have used just one but fuller stem in the vase and I love how it has easily become the star of the show in this vignette. Literally the first thing your eyes would go to, even though the candle is fancy! 


        Neha B. is passionate about decorating and organizing and offers virtual home styling and organizing services. She shares snippets of her home on her Instagram page (@the.momhood.tales) with a mix of motherhood. She has two little kids and loves doing home décor that focuses on creating kid friendly spaces. Neha also likes designing spaces that focus on functionality with aesthetic value. Her home is a beautiful rustic gold style with neutral tones that adds a more timeless look. All pictures used in this post are of her home that she has designed herself. She can be reached at