No matter how experienced you are with decorating, there are always more tricks to learn. Some tricks help you work with space, while others help you elevate your personal style. Here are five of our favorite decor tips that will make your home look amazing.

1. Work with Your Space, Not Against It

When you can change aspects of your home that you don’t like, you should absolutely take advantage of it. However, sometimes there are things that are harder to change or outside of your budget. What do you do then?

As much as possible, try to find the perfect solution for the space using what you already have, not just what you see in a magazine. If the sofa you loved on Pinterest won’t fit in your living room, wait until you can find a better option. Same goes for wall and trim colors—stubbornness will only lead to clashing decor.

2. Stick to Your Color Palette

If you’re someone who feels a bit lost when you enter the home decor store, it helps to know what colors you want in your house. Look at the wood tones, the flooring, and your existing furniture, and add any repeating colors to your palette. Repeating those colors throughout your decor, will make everything look intentional instead of haphazard.

3. Hide Your Junk

Clutter can make your home feel messy even when it’s not. The best thing to do is hide as much of your junk as possible. Put extra throw blankets inside a coffee table, or, if you have more than one, store your TV remotes in a cloth bin in or under the console. Finding ways to hide your home’s junk will give every room a sleeker appearance.

4. Consider Your Lighting

One of the most important decor tips that will make your home look amazing is to consider your lighting. Even a well-decorated room can feel drab if it has poor lighting. You can brighten your space by switching out any dark-colored curtains you have for lighter-colored ones, increasing your number of light fixtures throughout the house, and adding mirrors to more easily reflect light.

5. Decorate Your Walls

It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people neglect to decorate their walls. Empty walls can make your home look uninhabited and dramatically impact how you feel about your space. Hang up a decorative clock or even a wall-hanging storage shelf if you want to make your space feel more welcoming.

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