Textiles and fabrics are a vital part of home design. If you use too many of the same fabrics, your design scheme can end up looking flat and boring. Keep reading to discover five creative ways to use textiles in your home and start using fabrics like a professional.

Use Textiles To Add Warmth

Originally, humans had to make all their textiles by hand from natural sources. This history gives some textiles an extra warm, domestic quality that you can emphasize in order to add warmth to your home. Quilted fabrics, chunky knits, embroidery, and natural fibers like cotton are especially good for this technique.

Add Visual Interest

As we said before, too many of the same fabrics can make your home look uninteresting. Change things up by adding in furs (real or not), fabrics with pile, tassels, and fabrics of different coarseness in order to increase the three-dimensionality of your decorating scheme.

Add Tactile Interest

Integrating different textiles into your home can also make it more fun to experience, whether you’re curled up on the sofa with a cozy blanket or walking across the rug in your hallway. When you shop for textiles, think about how the texture and softness make you feel as you think about where in your home it should go.

Enhance Your Home’s Luxury

Cheap textiles are only made to look a certain way, while more expensive ones will also feel amazing to the touch. You can increase the feeling of luxury in your home by using higher-quality fabrics. As a bonus, high-quality materials tend to last longer than their less-expensive counterparts.

Add Movement to Your Home

In art, movement refers to the way a particular piece directs the viewer’s eye around the space. You can incorporate this principle into your design by thinking about the way certain textiles move. Tassels hanging from decorative throw pillows are a fantastic way to add movement to a room. So are lightweight, fluttery curtains blowing in the breeze of an open window or even the gentle bobbing of leaves on a potted plant.

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