This time of year, between Christmas and the New Year, is magical. While spending time with family and friends, we begin to reflect on the past year and plan out our goals for the New Year. New Year’s resolutions are different for each person. Some people may experience anxiety, while others are eager for change. No matter how this applies to you, it is known that New Year's resolutions tend to be made a bit too lofty and are often only practiced during the first few months of the New Year.

To start your year off right, I have compiled a list of five achievable New Year’s resolutions that will provide great outcomes. All of these resolutions have to do with your home’s organization, decoration, and overall household lifestyle because, after all, this is the infamous Decocrated blog! I hope you enjoy this blog post and incorporate these ideas into the new year!

1. Keep your spaces organized.


It is common for homes to become cluttered during the holidays with kids being home. This New Year, make it your mission to enforce a clean living space. Encourage the kids to put their shoes away every time they enter the home and clean up after their messes. As for parents, get into the habit of sorting the mail once it arrives instead of letting it accumulate. It is the little things that the entire family can do to make your home that much more organized! Pro tip: Consider using your Mini Wooden Ladder from the Fall 2021 Box to make household items look very organized, from dish towels to even jewelry.

2. Save some money and reduce your carbon footprint while you are at it. 

Let’s be honest, bills are expensive. To reduce the costs of everyday appliances, consider these resourceful ideas to incorporate into your home. Some ideas include: turning off the lights when you’re not in a room, raising the AC when you’re not home, switching your light bulbs to LED ones, installing a water-saving showerhead, setting all electronics to sleep mode at night, and composting! Do some research on if your city/town offers composting services. If not, don’t fret! Creating your own compost in your garden or backyard is super simple, too!

3. Capitalize on entertaining season! 


The New Year is a great time to host old and new friends. Getting the house ready for visitors includes one: fixing any household issues like maybe that leaky faucet or creaking floorboard, and two: decorating! The latter is Decocrated’s specialty, fortunately! The best way to decorate, I would say, is to subscribe to Decocrated to receive a box of fun decorations each season. Instead of making multiple trips to the store with so many options, let Decocrated curate your look! My favorite décor piece that I will be bringing into 2022 is the Fall 2021 Box Moon Mirror. It is a versatile yet stylish piece. Set the moon mirror on your table as a centerpiece, on the wall as a mirror, or up against the wall on your mantle. There are so many ways you can Decocrate! 

4. Make cleaning a priority in your families routine.

Let’s be honest, cleaning is not everyone’s favorite task, especially after a long day of work. It is important to build a healthy cleaning routine right when the New Year begins. Teach the kids how to sweep and vacuum, do the dishes, and take out the trash. Making it a game for your kids will give them double the motivation! Never present them as chores because then they will begin to resent helping around the house. Of course, keep kids away from harsh cleaning products with toxic chemicals, but allow them to help with little tasks that are safe and impactful. It is proven that a clean house contributes to a happy family! Ok, you caught me. I just made that up, but it sounds motivating!

 5. Flowers are a must 

Lastly, my favorite of all of the resolutions: always have a bouquet of flowers somewhere in your living area so that you come home to something bright and colorful. There is something about pretty flowers that can decorate the gloomiest of houses. Flowers can bring color, light, warmth, and beauty into your home in a simple and refreshing way. You can get fancy and purchase a curated bouquet from your local florist, or you can have your kiddos venture out and collect random flowers from nature and assemble their own! My personal favorites are orchids. They are elegant and simple yet still radiate happiness. Not to mention they are super easy to keep up with; just two ice cubes once a week, and you’re done! 

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be daunting, and they don’t have to be total shots in the dark. Sometimes, keeping it down to a few simple ones that focus on your home and lifestyle is most fulfilling. Resolutions are meant to help you grow in many ways, and these five here definitely are a unique take on growth. I hope these tips help inspire your resolution list! As always, follow us on Instagram (@decocrated) and send in how you and your family are celebrating the season of resolutions for a chance to be featured on our story! Much love and prosperity to you all in 2022! Let’s make this the best year yet!