Valentine's day comes with a unique feeling which is hard to ignore. This is the perfect time to express love to your family and friends and tell them how much they mean to you. It’s also great if you're in a festive mood to add in a few small things into your winter decor that can bring out the love from a special holiday into your home! Here are five ways I like to spruce up my home decor for Valentine’s Day.


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Wreaths are a great way to add festiveness to your home regardless of the holiday. You don’t have to rush out and buy a themed wreath. You can use one you already have. I like to keep it very simple and add fabric hearts around the wreath. Which you can buy at any major retailer.  If you like DIY projects, you can even make your own heart-shaped wreath. Another great way to change up your wreaths is to add ribbon to them. Ribbons now have really cute designs on them or you can choose a sheer red or pink ribbon. The winter Decocrated home decor subscription box had the cutest wreath in it that could very easily have hearts added to it. 


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I’m always on the lookout for cute holiday-themed signs when I’m out shopping. Whether to use on a tiered tray or to display in my home. Since my home is mostly farmhouse decor I try to look for signs that fall into that category. Wooden signs are great for this because they give a rustic look but can also go along with the holiday. You can add signs into your winter decor by adding them to decorative trays, shelf decor, coffee bars, or kitchen decor. The great thing about signs is you can use them in your home however you’d like.  

Tiered Trays

Two tier tray, pink hearts, pink decor

The tiered tray has been trending for some time now and it doesn't seem like it is going away anytime soon. They are one of my favorite things to style because of how versatile you can use them. They are also super easy to change up the decor on. The small signs I previously mentioned come in handy for trays because depending on how many tiers the tray has you have to be careful with the height of things you choose to put on them. I like to take a tray that I have styled for winter and add in soft pinks, neutral, or some red to complete the look for Valentine’s day.

Coffee Bar

Coffee table station, valentine's day decor

If you have a coffee area in your home, this is a fun spot to decorate for the big day. You can have sweet treats set up in clear canisters. I’ve even seen cute pink coffee makers and mugs that would go perfect for a themed coffee bar. My coffee bar has a tray on it and I like to add fabric hearts, themed canisters, and coffee mugs to it. 

Flameless Candles

Decorative tray, valentine's day candy bowl, candles

Since Valentine's day is a bit of a romantic holiday, nothing sets the mood better than candles. I really like flameless candles because they’re easy to add into any decor design and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to blow it out. You can also use the ones that are LED and move so it looks like a real flame. Some areas of my home I set flameless candles in are my dining room, coffee bar, living room, and bedroom. They are so beautiful you will want to keep them up with your decor all year long! 

Entry way hanger

I hope these five suggestions for decorating your home for Valentine’s day were helpful. I hope the big takeaway is that you don’t have to make it complicated. I always strive to keep things simple. A great asset to have is a home decor subscription box from Decocrated. You get seasonal home decor delivered to your door. Some items that have come in precious boxes are trays, tea towel ladders, wreaths, and candle holders. These are great versatile items that you can use across all the holidays. 

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