Hi, there Friends! 

It’s Daniela here, from over at @coldcoffeemombrain on Instagram.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  I cannot believe that we are almost at the end of 2021- just insane! 

If you haven’t gotten the Winter 2021 Decocrated Box yet, you must.  It is so beautiful and woodsy.  I say this every single time but it really makes me so happy that just about every single piece in the 2.5 years I have received a Decocrated box flows so beautifully together and can be intertwined.  

This framed art is beautiful alone if you just wanted to hang it up on a wall but let’s try some different ways to showcase this piece around the house! 


1.  Set A Scene

Lean the frame on a flat surface against a wall and add some cute winter animals in front of it. These wooden winter animals were also in the Winter 2021 box, they’re adorable!  


2.  Add Some Lights 

I put this in my kitchen under the cabinets and intertwine some fairy lights.  There are so many ways that you can light this piece up and it makes the most beautiful glow.  It looks so dreamy at night time! 


3.  Dress Your Bookshelf

I’m a huge book lover, I have so many books.  I love that this art piece fits right on the shelf.  It adds a little holiday joy to my book spines- I love it! 


4.  Climb the Plants

I have a lot of trailing plants and all the spaces in this framed art are perfect for roping them through and giving the plants something to crawl up. I know most plants go dormant in the chilly months but mine are still doing great here in NC!  You can add this framed art to your plant station and see what happens.  Dress the trees up in greenery, it’s pretty! 

With a piece like this, you can dress it up or keep it simple like I did. 

If you got the Winter Box, how did you end up styling this Wooden Tree Frame?  

We would love to see!