Spreading Holiday Cheer with the North Pole Mailbox & Post Cards

Christmas North Pole Mailbox

I have been eyeing Santa mailboxes at stores for the past six years (since my first kids were born) but for some reason could never bring myself to buy one. And for no particular reason! So you can imagine my joy when I unpacked the North Pole mailbox and postcards from the Decocrated Christmas 2022 Add-On Box!

I love that it is both metal and white as it fits in with my current holiday decor theme. My first idea for this mailbox was to have our Elf on the Shelf, Gunther, show up with it when he returned to our house from the North Pole for the season. After that, I styled it on a few different spots before ultimately deciding to leave it displayed near our fireplace. Here are some fun ideas for how you can use the North Pole mailbox in your home.

Special Elf Delivery

North pole Mailbox, North pole Mailbox decor, Christmas Traditions

Gunther, our elf, arrived to our home the day after Thanksgiving and brought some surprises with him! He landed in one of our Christmas trees with the North Pole mailbox, postcards, new holiday pajamas, and fun ornament Christmas cups for my kids. 

North pole Mailbox, North pole Mailbox decor

They were so excited about the arrival and immediately wrote their Christmas wish lists on the provided postcards. They deposit their letters to Santa into the mailbox and they magically disappear (hopefully 🤣) overnight and make their way to Santa’s workshop. They continue to write letters to Santa on a regular basis.

Dining Room Buffet Display

North pole Mailbox, North pole Mailbox decor

Here, I styled the mailbox on my dining room buffet and filled it with some faux Christmas greenery and berries. I used bottle brush trees on the sides and you’ll also notice several other Decocrated pieces! I’ve added the wooden tray from the Winter 2019 Box, the ceramic trees from the Best Of Box, the blue beads from the Spring 2022 Box, and the wooden frame with one of the winter art prints.

Entryway Bench

North pole Mailbox, North pole Mailbox decor

I think the mailbox looks adorable on my entryway bench. I just set it right on top of the bench cushion next to some holiday pillows, including the lumbar pillow cover from the Christmas 2022 Add-on Box. Above I have a wooden peg board/shelf from which I’ve hung some felt ball garland, an ornament with reindeer food, and a vintage metal Christmas countdown.

Holiday Mantel & Hearth

North pole Mailbox, North pole Mailbox decor, Mantel decor

If you’ve read any of my past Decocrated Blog posts you’ll know that I take pride in my holiday mantel/hearth decor. So, finding a spot for the North Pole mailbox was a no-brainer. It looks perfect with the throw pillow covers from the Winter 2021 Box and the wooden calendar from the Winter 2020 Box. Also on the hearth is the wooden tray from the Winter 2021 Box and the wooden village from the Winter 2020 Box. On the mantel is one of my favorite Decohacks I created last year with the evergreen wall art. 

North pole Mailbox, North pole Mailbox decor, Mantel decor


One other easy idea for displaying the North Pole mailbox would be to just fill it with faux greenery and hang it on a wall or place it on a shelf! Now of I could just remember to check that mailbox for Santa letters every night…

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