It is crazy to think how it is already time to gather with close friends and family to welcome Hanukkah. Hanukkah has always been a memorable holiday spent with my family. Growing up, my sisters and I would begin decorating and preparing right when the first of the month hit. We loved the bright lights, décor, yummy food, and how could you forget the presents each night. Sure, we loved the gifts and the food that came with the holiday, but being together was what was most important. Now, all grown up and living in different cities, things are different, but we still prepare for the holiday and anxiously wait to see each other’s new décor each year.

1. Bring in the colors

Traditionally, Hanukkah is associated with deep blues and sparkly golds. My décor in my home is all neutral tones of grey and white, so adding the traditional blues and golds makes my home just a little extra fun this season. Don’t fret! Decorating for Hanukkah can be a simple swap of pillows or throw blankets in your living room or a fun floral centerpiece. Top off the look with bright lights, and you are golden!

2. Bring out staple Hanukkah pieces

menorah, pom poms, decorative, hannukkah

Everyone decorates differently, just like everyone has staple pieces they use year after year for Hanukkah. Bring out staple Hanukkah pieces you like to decorate with each year, such as a menorah, gelt, or fun stickers. This year, consider utilizing your pieces differently. For example, place your menorah in a different place in your home scattered around gelt and other fun table pieces to brighten and provide more excitement to the space. I like to place this arrangement near the food, so it not only welcomes everyone around the table to light the menorah, but it provides a warm cozy atmosphere.

3. Tablescape oh so bright!

Yes, Hanukkah does include yummy food, so why not create a fun tablescape to have all your loved ones dining in a comfortable, festive sitting area? Find a blue, white, or silver runner and spread gelt, dreidels, and even the popsicle hack above for a fun Hanukkah table setting. Top of your table with real or fake candles to flicker all night long. Everyone will be talking about the yummy food served and the fun, festive décor around your home! 

4. Get crafty

hannukkah decor, garland, dreidel, decorations, festive

If you have little ones in your home, have them help you out with your Hanukkah décor. For example, take colored paper with a dreidel or menorah stencil and create a garland to go around your entryway or staircase. Poke holes at the top of the artwork and hang with clear string! Another idea is to take popsicle sticks, paint them a color of your choosing, and create a Jewish star design. Glue the design in place and hang it around your home or use it as a centerpiece. Both arts and crafts ideas will allow your kids to join in on the fun in an easy, crafty experience. 

I hope this Hanukkah brings lots of love, light, and happiness to you and your family. How are you celebrating the 8 nights this year? Let us know in the comments if you try out any of these tips!

Until next time!

-Julie Rosner