Our first home was a townhome so we didn’t have many windows and it made our home look very dark. There wasn’t much natural light. I had to play with lighting to help make our home look brighter. The home we are in now has so much natural light and I thrive in a home that is bright and warm. There are steps you can take to make your home feel cozy and inviting. Let’s take a look at some of them.


1. Painting Your Home

 Paint your space, light colored furniture, more light colors, white paint, grey paint,

Painting your home with certain colors is one easy way of brightening your home and giving it a warm feeling. Having a dark room painted with dark colors can create a negative space. A lighter color can make a room feel more inviting. It also makes the room brighter, so you have less need for lighting during the day. Generally, different colors have different effects. A color that can make a home feel inviting is gray. Which is what I have throughout my home. Gray can be a soothing color. White also makes rooms appear brighter and larger. White paint with gray or black can make for a great rustic feel to any farmhouse theme. Beige is another good color choice if you're looking for something calming. It's close to white but has a warmer feel.


2. Lighting and Ambience

 Lighting, light fixtures, lamps, lamp, brightness

If you don't have a lot of natural lighting, adding different light sources to your home is another great way of brightening it up. This can make the color you're using on the walls pop more, and give a room a cheerful feeling. One great source of light in a room is a floor lamp. Floor lamps have an open feel that makes them welcoming, and they tend to be less cumbersome than lamps on tables. You can also use candles to light up your home, both real and faux. Candles are a good source of soft light that you may find more attractive than artificial lighting in some spaces. I love using faux candles to bring a cozy ambiance inside my home. I also have a faux fireplace in my living room that adds a beautiful glow at night and adds some added warmth to any room.


3. Decor Elements

 New Decor style, light wood decor, add in art, get creative with your decor

Adding decor elements to a room is another way of brightening up your home. These can be anything from pillows, blankets,  and other items you may use to make your home more comfortable. Adding in throw blankets and decorative pillows can help brighten up a living room. This includes warm wool throws or cotton blankets that are soft to the touch. My couch is a beige color. I like adding in pops of color during the spring/summer. During the winter months, I tend to go with more neutral colors such as grey, white, greige, or creams.


4. Textures/Fabrics

 Adding brightness, add textures to your space, add in a mirror, hanging mirror

Adding texture to your home is another way of brightening it up. This can be done with rugs, but also with pieces of furniture, or wall hangings. Adding varying textures to a room gives the eye something interesting to look at. Bold colors and fabrics can also brighten a room that doesn't have much natural light. For instance, adding red or orange accessories will make for a warmer home in the winter when there's less sun coming in through windows. The warmth of these colors is especially inviting during an otherwise gray day. 

 Add in a rig light colored rug, open space, window open, sheer curtains

There are several ways to brighten your home and make it feel bright and airy. Painting, lighting, small plants, rugs, carpeting, candles, and fabrics are all viable options for making the atmosphere in your living space inviting. The best part about it is being able to try different things and to really make the space special for you and your family. If you’re feeling stuck on decor, Decocrated is the best option for having home decor brought to you with an inspiration booklet to give you ideas! Till next time!




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