When you open your closet door, do you feel like slamming it shut immediately? Do you have the sense that your closet is attacking you? If so, you need these four closet organization ideas to maximize space and style.


The rule about clothing is if you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid of it. Give it away, recycle it, or, if it’s an item with sentimental value, find someplace other than your closet to store it. You’ll be amazed at all the old clothes you still have hanging around.

Get rid of anything that is torn or stained or doesn’t fit you anymore. Be ruthless about it. You’ll feel better when you reveal all the newly available space in your closet!

Get Matching Hangers and Add a Rod

Matching hangers nest against each other, and they look neat and organized. Getting rid of wire hangers from the dry cleaner and plastic hangers from department stores will free up space. Matching hangers give your closet some style too.

Use a section of your closet for long garments like dresses and trousers and save a section to use for blouses and skirts. In that section, use two bars, one above the other, to maximize hanging space. And voilà! You just doubled the space in your closet.

Don’t Forget the Walls and the Door

Use the walls of your closet and the back of your closet door to organize items like hats, scarves, and belts. You can add hanging wall organizers, like shelves with hooks, to provide easy-to-access storage.

Over-the-door closet organizers store shoes, purses, or accessories more neatly than shelves or drawers. You can also attach hooks to the inside of your closet door to hang bags. Then, you can stuff the bags with rarely worn items like swimsuits or special lingerie that you want to keep available but out of sight for now.

Store Out of Season Items

If you’re lucky enough to have two closets, one of them should be for off-season items. If your space is limited, you can use under-the-bed boxes to carefully stow those winter sweaters until you need them again.

These four closet organization ideas should help you maximize space. Get creative with your closets: use baskets and trays for storage, and be sure to use every vertical inch from floor to ceiling for organized storage. Paint the interior a color that pleases you or even add wallpaper to make opening your closet door a mood booster instead of an exercise in frustration!

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