We can’t believe Winter is already in full force! Grab a cozy blanket and get yourself a nice warm cup of hot cocoa because it is officially time to welcome in the season!!! As we welcome Winter, what better way to transition to the new season with a Winter 2021 Trend guide brought to you by the Decocrated team. These 3 stylish top trends will help you add a little extra something to your space this Winter season and may even help you for the upcoming seasons like Spring! Keep reading to learn more!

1. Plaid fabrics:

Our favorite pattern this year is the classic plaid and checked fabric. Not only will you see clothing stores and brands bringing in this trend, but here at Decocrated, we are all for this fun, yet classic pattern. Will you be wearing plaid this season? This fabric is perfect for this cold season and can be carried through late autumn and throughout winter. The checked pattern gives an undeniable winter feeling with a cozy and warm touch. Need we say more? 

For some guidance and inspiration, let’s get into ways to bring plaid into your home this Winter.

First things first, let’s get to know the pattern. There are many ways to bring plaid into your home without making a considerable investment. Throw pillows are easy to swap in and out for each season. Take your favorite pair of two plaid pillowcases, for example, our plaid pillow from our Fall 2018 Box, and pair them with 2 neutral color pillows. The four pillows paired together will provide a cozy living space during the cold winter.

Another way to incorporate the plaid pattern in your home this season is to utilize it as tableware. For example, switch up your dining room tablecloth or runner with a fun plaid pattern for a casual or festive event. A table dressed with plaid is fun for a holiday or even a brunch. The choice is yours!

2. Deeper shades of green:

Another trend for 2021 is deep greens. Not only does it relate to mother nature, but it also brings a well-being sense to our interior. We can’t wait for this new trend chic look to be available everywhere. We know what you are thinking, green is often considered one of the bold colors to decorate with, but you will be surprised by this nice change. Bold colors like green will transform your usual cool and crisp space with a twist of sustainability. We love utilizing neutral shades, but consider adding deep green to the mix this season.

Incorporating an accent wall or chair will easily allow you to dip your toe into the new and exciting colors for this season without fully committing to a big piece of furniture.

The perfect way to add some deep greens into your home this winter is to bring the outdoors inside with some real or faux pine. This can be with small accents in a neutral space, or you can go bold and decorate a whole room. Bring your home décor to the next level this season!

3. Nature-inspired Christmas décor:

Last but not least, this season’s third trend is bringing nature to our traditional Christmas décor. In light of the pandemic, we can’t help but wonder whether we will be able to gather with our families to celebrate Christmas. If this is achievable for you and your family, why not make the holiday extra special this year. Creating a welcoming atmosphere surrounded by the ones you love most is of great importance. No need to shop around for nature decor. Head outside and see what you can find in your backyard. To prepare for this jolly time of year, let us help you bring back some Christmas traditions while changing things up with a bit of nature. 

Natural elements are best for decorating and creating presents for our loved ones. Incorporating your houseplants into your holiday décor is simple and resourceful. Make your foliage festive this year by transitioning plants into decorative planters and bringing them into your Christmas décor. If real plants are not your thing, there is nothing wrong with faux plants. After all, the winter pines make any home smell amazing all season. Incorporating natural elements into your neutral shades will not only spice up your space, but create a whimsical, stylish vibe too.

We hope these 3 trends help you transition to Winter with a lot of love and excitement for a new season. Remember, you do not need to shop for these items for crazy prices. Let us know which trend you will be incorporating into your home. Bonus points if you paired all three of these trends into your home this Winter. We are excited to welcome in the season full swing with all of you!