Baskets are a busy mom’s best friend. They are great for storing all things, from linens to toys to craft supplies. In my opinion, you can never have too many. So you can imagine my delight when I opened the 2022 Winter Box to find the woven basket!

Since the unboxing, I have had a lot of fun styling the basket in various ways/locations throughout my home. The hardest part is deciding which option to choose! Below I have outlined three super easy ways you can style the woven basket in your own home.

Blanket Ladder


If you don’t already have a blanket ladder in your home, I highly recommend getting one,.Decocrated offers an amazing one in their member’s only shop. It is a great way to turn your comfy blankets into cozy decor. I purchased mine from a local antique shop and hang different colored blankets on the rungs to match the season/holiday. 

I have it set up in the corner of my living room with some baskets nearby. To style the woven basket here, I hung it from the top right corner and put a couple of grocery bags in the bottom to add some stuffing.

I then placed the gray plaid throw blanket inside (from the Winter 2022 Box) and situated it so some of the blanket hung over the rim. I then added the pine bunch, also from the Winter 2022 Box, to give it just the perfect touch of winter. It certainly looks cozy!

Wine Holder


My husband and I love to entertain and wine is often a big part of our social gatherings. This gave me the idea to set the woven basket up on our stove during parties and use it to hold wine bottles and our wine opener. I also used the plaid throw blanket here. Alongside the basket, I have a ceramic ladle holder, the wooden ladder from the Fall 2021 box, and a White Sangria-scented candle.

Book Basket


The final way I styled the basket (and I think this one is my favorite) is in my 4-year-old son’s bedroom, on top of his play table. I stuffed it with some of his favorite books so it is easy for him to grab and bring to his bed for our nightly stories. Next to the woven basket is the boho basket from the Summer 2021 Box which I have stuffed with cute stuffed animals. The camping lantern in front of the baskets serves as a night light. You’ll also notice some cute Cuddle & Kind dolls sitting at the table ready to play. :)                                                                    


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