I love a versatile décor piece as much as anyone! My decor style is “constant change” so I truly appreciate when an item can be used in numerous ways! When I unboxed the Fall 2021 box and saw the mini ladder my mind immediately filled with ideas. Not only can this ladder be used in virtually ANY room in my house, it is the perfect shade of wood for any season; a true all-year-round piece!

Today I want to share three of my favorite ways to style the mini ladder so far!

1) On Your Mantle

The first place I knew I wanted to see the mini ladder was up on my mantle. It’s always hard to find pieces that will give you height but that aren’t a too bulky — the ladder couldn’t be more perfect! Here I have it styled with the Fall 2021 candle holders (which I’m also obsessed with) and some simple greenery. It’s fresh, clean, but most importantly creates interesting lines and height on my mantle!

2) With A Wreath

Greenery is magic, isn’t it!? I love how attaching a wreath to the mini ladder really softens it! I thought this would look perfect on the counter in a bathroom or in a little nook in the kitchen! The straight lines that make up the ladder combined with the circular wreath creates interest without being too much. I’m obsessed with this look and you can do it in so many ways (boxwood wreath, straw wreath, floral wreath, etc.) - endless possibilities!

3) Jewelry Holder

Last but not least, this ladder makes the PERFECT jewelry holder! I’ve been looking for an adorable place to keep my handkerchief scarves and this is IT! I’ve also added some of my favorite bracelets, hoop earrings, and even necklaces. I love that you can see everything so clearly. This is the absolute cutest addition to your bathroom counter or vanity.

These are just three ways I’ve styled the mini wood ladder but the possibilities are endless! How have you styled yours? We’d love to hear - leave us a comment below!

xoxo, Becca