Oh, my friends, I’ve got something fun for you today! I love a good repurposing hack! You know, taking something you might throw out and turning it into something useful. As soon as the winter box came to my doorstep, I KNEW I had to repurpose it. That gorgeous sage green box and festive design was just asking to be rethought. After some brainstorming, I decided on three ways I wanted to try to repurpose my box. Let me walk you through them, then you’ll have to tell me which one you like best in the comments! 

1. Make It A Hostess Gift Box

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I love bringing a cute little gift box to a holiday party for the hostess. It feels personal, useful, and festive! How stunning does the Decocrated box look filled with goodies? Simply trim off the flaps that close the box, fill with filler of any kind (I used shredded paper filler), then add in some goodies! I chose some dish towels, candles, wine, and some festive cookies. Boom - adorable hostess gift! 

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 2. Make Winter Garland 

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Okay, I’m pretty proud of this idea. I absolutely adore the little winter snowflakes on the box, so I planned to cut them out and make something with them - after a few ideas, garland was my favorite, so I went for it! I cut the snowflakes out, used a hole punch to punch holes in the top, then strung them onto twine with some wooden beads I found on Amazon. CUTE right!? 

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 3. Make It A Filler Christmas Gift For Under The Tree

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I hate an empty tree…you know, one with no gifts under it! So as soon as I get my tree up, I like to have a box or two wrapped and under it. Sometimes I’m not ready with wrapped gifts, though, so I’ll wrap empty Amazon boxes or, in this case, my empty Decocrated box! In the photos, I wrapped both the green Decocrated box plus some of the boxes that came inside the box. I’ll use these as filler until I have real presents to wrap! I love how large the Decocrated box is, the size makes a big impact under the tree! Such a perfect repurpose, don’t you think? 

wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, tissue box, customize

Which of these three ideas was your favorite? I can’t decide! All I know is that it’s way more fun to try these ideas before opting just to recycle such a pretty box! I wish I had tried some of these ideas sooner with prior boxes! 

How do you plan to repurpose your next Decocrated box? Share your ideas with us! 



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